New 'e-cycling' program launches at DePauw

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Saturday, Jan. 31, CTEP (DePauw's Community Technology Enhancement Program) will be hosting a community sustainability initiative through a partnership with City Hall and the Knoy Center in Cloverdale.

At this event, they will be distributing surplus computer accessories, such as keyboards, speakers, mice, powercords and monitors, as well as other electronic devices (VCRs, DVD players, stereo components, digital cameras, etc).

CTEP is using this giveaway to provide a venue for several presentations to the community on e-cycling and a demonstration on equipping an analog television with a converter box.

If anyone has electronics (such as those described above) that might be of use to someone in the Putnam County area, please consider donating them. They are only interested in items that are fully functional and would not require any repairs.

CTEP is also working on identifying a location where donated equipment could be dropped off over the next couple of weeks.

Anyone wishing to donate should contact Bob Hershberger at or Carol Steele at

They can also arrange pickups for large or numerous items. They will also welcome anyone who would like to join and help out.

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