Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Greencastle officials for common sense

Friday, January 23, 2009

To the Editor:

The Jan. 7 article re: "Greencastle employees raises" needs praise for the professional and common sense thinking from Mayor Sue Murray.

I worked with Sue all the years she was our social service person at Putnam County Hospital. You don't work that long with someone and not get to know them quite well.

Sue always had a sincere smile. The nurse's station would light up when she was there. She has a lovely quality about her. Sue was always very professional in her job. If someone confided in her, she kept that confidence. Sue never talked down to anyone, no matter what their status in life. She put people at ease, let them know that their problems were important to her, and that she would and did do all she could for that person with the problem.

Our family doctor once said, "Sue goes way beyond the perimeter of a social worker in the many classes she teaches and all the time she puts in."

There were many times I had to call her on weekends or evenings when the doctor wrote an order that pertained to Sue's job. I always felt bad that I had to interrupt her time. I would apologize, but Sue was always kind and never made me feel my call was an imposition. She would come in on weekends or evenings to do the paperwork when needed to get a patient transferred to a nursing home, and always with the sweet nature she was blessed with.

I could write a book on her good qualities. But that is not the issue here. It is the raise the city employees will need to wait for.

Sue will never make a promise she cannot keep. She gave a complete and honest reason why the raise isn't ready to give just now. She turned down her own raise, remember?

My main concern as one who admires this fine lady is the "anonymous" e-mail a city employee sent to the Banner Graphic criticizing Sue. Sue met with each and every employee when she took office last year. She wanted to know their concerns and input in making their job better if needed. If Mr. or Ms. Anonymous were employed at that time, they should have seen quickly what an understanding, concerned and dedicated person they had for their new mayor.

There was no need to criticize the mayor hiding behind "anonymous." You never need to be hesitant about going to Sue with a complaint. Did you note how Sue answered that gripe? She complimented them and said that "We do have wonderful employees. They're the biggest part of what we do."

Perhaps another mayor would not have had such grace as Sue. But that is what she is, graceful.

The Banner Graphic had an article about the new streetlights earlier. It was quite clear that the money spent on those lights could not go for raises. It was paid for with redevelopment funds that have strict guidelines and cannot be used for anything else.

Many of us in Greencastle are using the energy-saving lights. My electric bill went down after we switched to them. They do pay for themselves in time.

Greencastle is blessed to have this intelligent, prudent, level-headed person as our mayor. We are also blessed to have a governor that does not spend more than the state takes in. Every household should run that way. Differentiate between our needs and wants. Hard at times, but wise and necessary.

Be thankful you have a job. I don't know who wrote the anonymous letter, but I would venture there are 20 people that are out of a job who are qualified and would love to have your job and the great boss you have.

These are difficult times, as everyone knows. Try to have some understanding and give our mayor your loyalty and support instead of negative letters.

"Lights over people" that is nonsense. Sue deserves praise. She works very hard and gives 100 percent, just as she did at PCH. Only the good lord knows how many people she helped. She gave the greatest gift of all herself.

God bless you, Sue, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pat Wilson