Alex Alley's announces GGUSBC standings

Friday, January 30, 2009


(As of 1-29-09)

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Putnam Inn Pumas9018
Jameson Coffee Grinders8622
Certified Auto Exchange8226
A.J. Hacker's Bulldogs7830
Dixie Chopper Gators6840
Elks Lodge 10776642
S & W Masonry Frogs6048
Williams Custom Caulking 6048
VFW Vikings5850

High team scratch game-- A.J. Hacker's Bulldogs 539

High team scratch series-- A.J. Hacker's Bulldogs 1,004

High individual game-- Male- Jake Mundy 152; Female- Rebecca Wilson 117

High individual series-- Male- Tanner Scarf 267; Female- Jalyn Duff 206

Eagles Junior Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Sheldon's Gutter Rats10440
Moose Lodge8757
Lucille's Seals8559
Mission Relocation8262
Alexander's Masonry8163
AJ Electric Voltage7767
Carpenter Reality7569
Dr. Wainman's Fillings6777
Hibbett's Sports6678
Dr. Boatright Molars6579
Dave Well's Yankees6282
Cline's Jewelry6183
Dixie Chopper6084
Ladies Eagles36108

High team scratch game-- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 812

High team scratch series-- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 2,375

High individual game-- Male- Reggie Alex 233; Female- Alex Hyten 179

High individual series-- Male- Jacob Ensor 568; Female- Alex Hyten 474

Collier's PeeWee Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers8919
St. Vincent's Physicians8028
Tuckers' State Farm Ins7929
Bittles & Hurt Bats7830
First Nat'l Bank Owls6840
Ensor Electric Shockers6543
Collier's Cats6543
Mason Jewelers Cardinals 6444
Moose Lodge5949
Pappa Collier's Girls3969

High team scratch game-- St. Vincent's Physicians 203

High team scratch series-- St. Vincent's Physicians 353

High individual game-- Male- Tucker Hirt 96; Female- Airica Domangue 65

High individual series-- Male- Tucker Hirt 170; Female- Airica Domangue 123

Seniour's Towing (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Mill Pond11866
York Family Autos11470
Troy's Signs & Graphics10876
The Old Timers9391
The Y-Nots9094
Cycle Mamas83101
William's Body Shop68116
Abstract & Title54130

High team scratch game-- The Old Timers 681

High team scratch series-- The Old Timers 1,969

High individual game-- Janet Dickerson 197

High individual series-- Janet Dickerson 520

Men's City (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Go Getters11767
Little Dude Ranch11569
The Waters10480
The Flaming Lips8995
Moore's Bar81103
HMSB Insurance46138

High team scratch game-- Little Dude Ranch 940

High team scratch series-- The Flaming Lips 2,664

High individual game-- Brian Moell 235

High individual series-- Gene Ensor 602

Bubba Crawley Memorial (Wed.)

Team Wins Losses
Cash Concrete310234
Elks Lodge306238
Boom Booms290254
Julia's Gang255289
Dixie Chopper222344

High team scratch game-- Elks Lodge 627

High team scratch series-- Elks Lodge 2,241

High individual game-- Tim Bruner 274

High individual series-- Walt Marshall 714

Commercial (Thurs.)

Team Wins Losses
A.J. Electric10967
Bowling Juice10274
Alexander's Masonry 10274
Spack Daddies Homies8888
Payroll Express8888
Wilson Eng.8690
Putnam Inn7898
Stone's Body Shop76100
Crazy Pins55121

High team scratch game-- Spack Daddies Homies 978

High team scratch series-- Alexander Masonry 2,772

High individual game-- Andrew Cofer 237

High individual series-- Scott Anderson 639

Pleasure Time Mixed (Sun.)

Team Wins Losses
I Don't Know6927
Boom Booms6036
Stumble Weeds5244
High Roller5145
Mom, Dad & Kids5145
Double D's4749
Team 74452
Brad's Team4353
The Law Firm BBB&H4254
Alley Masters3858
Three of a Kind3858
Bowlin' Masters3264

High team scratch game-- I Don't Know 807

High team scratch series-- I Don't Know 2,137

High individual game-- Male- Jason Hiddle 238; Female- Jeri Parrish 244

High individual series-- Male- Jason Hiddle 613; Female- Jeri Parrish 626

Jack and Jill's Mixed (Sun.)

Team Wins Losses
Boom Booms6432
Wild Cats5739
Po Beans4749

High team scratch game-- Deaton/Lyons/Sillery 680

High team scratch series-- Deaton/Lyons/Sillery 1,875

High individual game-- Male- Monty Rader 214; Female- Wendie Johnson 179

High individual series-- Male- Monty Rader 567; Female- Diana Waggoner 496

Automotive (Tues.)

Team Wins Losses
All or Nothing11058
Alex Alleys10464
York Automotive9573
Putnam Archery Sales8682
Dave's Heating8583
J & BJ's Bait Shop8385
Bourne Farms8088
J.H. Young, Lawyer6999
Tucker's State Farm Ins.66102
Mason's Jewelry62106

High team scratch game-- All or Nothing 996

High team scratch series-- All or Nothing 2,782

High individual game-- Fayne Custis 253

High individual series-- Fayne Custis 713

Sue Cash Memorial (Wed.)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den13648
Family Ties11074
Rock N Bowl11074
Bowling Moms10084
The Whole-Fam-Damily9589
Dixie Chopper Air9391
Max's Barber Shop75109
Perry Wainman DDS74110
Bert & Betty's Bowlers74110
William's Trucking56128

High team scratch game-- Marcy's 688

High team scratch series-- Marcy's 1,897

High individual game-- Patti Cash 208

High individual series-- Kathy Stacy 528

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