Alex Alleys announces updated league standings

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GGUSBC Standings

(As of 2-12-09)

Commercial (Thurs.)

Team Wins Losses
AJ Electric 12179
Alexander's Masonry12080
Bowling Juice11486
Payroll Express10892
Spack Daddy's Homies 10298
Wilson Eng.100100
Putnam Inn92108
Stone's Body Shop80120
Crazy Pins59141

High team scratch game-- Alexander Masonry 969

High team scratch series-- Alexander Masonry 2873

High individual game-- Gary Cofer 252

High individual series-- Scott Alexander 620

Collier's PeeWee Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
VFW Vipers10125
St. Vincents Physicians 9828
Tucker State Farm Ins.9531
Bittles & Hurt Bats9234
First Nat'l Bank Owls7848
Mason Jeweler's Cardinals 7650
Ensor Electric Shockers7551
Collier's Cats7155
Moose Lodge6957
Pappa Collier's Girls4581

High team scratch game-- Tucker State Farm Ins. 185

High team scratch series-- Tucker State Farm Ins. 336

High individual game-- Male- Tucker Hirt 82; Female Alley McCracken 70

High individual series-- Male- Tucker Hirt 146; Female- Alley McCracken 126

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Putnam Inn Pumas10818
AJ Hacker's Bulldogs9630
Jameson Coffee Grinders9630
Certified Auto Exchange 9432
Dixie Chopper Gators8244
Elks Lodge 10777848
S & W Masonry Frogs7650
William's Custom Caulking 7552
VFW Vikings6462

High team scratch game-- Jameson Coffee Grinders 539

High team scratch series-- Putnam Inn Pumas 1069

High individual game-- Male- Luke Brotherton 175; Female- Rebecca Wilson 100

High individual series-- Male- Like Brotherton 337; Female- Rebecca Wilson 182

Eagles Junior Youth (Sat.)

Team Wins Losses
Sheldon's Gutter Rats12848
Moose Lodge10563
Lucille's Seals9771
Alexander's Masonry9573
Mission Relocation 9276
A.J. Electric Voltage 8979
Carpenter Reality8583
Dr. Boatright's Molars8088
Hibbett's Sports7989
Dave Well's Yankees7692
Cline's Jewelry7395
Dr. Wainman's Fillings68100
Dixie Chopper66102
Ladies Eagles43125

High team scratch game-- Sheldon's Gutters Rats 874

High team scratch series-- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 2485

High individual game-- Male- Reggie Alex 227; Female- Shayna Wahl 167

High individual series-- Male- Reggie Alex 642; Female- Shayna Wahl 436

Automotive (Tues.)

Team Wins Losses
All or Nothing11668
Alex Alleys 11272
York Automotive 10975
J & BJ's Bait Shop9787
Putnam Archery Sales9490
Dave's Heating 9391
Bourne Farms84100
J.H. Young, Lawyer75109
Tucker's State Farm Ins.75109
Mason's Jewelry 65119

High team scratch game-- J & BJ's Bait Shop 977

High team scratch series-- J & BJ's Bait Shop 2744

High individual game-- Eric Cofer 256

High individual series-- Mark Pitt 649

Men's City (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Go Getters13375
Little Dude Ranch12583
The Waters12088
Flaming Lips99109
Moore's Bar95113
HMSB Insurance52156

High team scratch game-- The Waters 944

High team scratch series-- The Waters 2702

High individual game-- Dustan Lyons 235

High individual series-- Doug Strahl 606

Seniour's Towing (Mon.)

Team Wins Losses
Mill Pond 14068
York Family Autos 12286
Troys Signs & Graphics11593
The Old Timers11098
Cycle Mamas92116
The Y-Nots90118
Williams Body Shop84124
Abstract & Title 71137

High team scratch game-- The Old Timers 698

High team scratch series-- The Old Timers 1985

High individual game-- Carla Seniour 221

High individual series-- Carla Seniour 521

Bubba Crawley Memorial (Wed.)

Team Wins Losses
Cash Concrete348260
Elks Lodge332276
Boom Booms328280
Julia's Gang281327
Dixie Chopper258350

High team scratch game-- Cash Concrete 599

High team scratch game-- Elks Lodge 2229

High individual game-- Walt Marshall 211

High individual series-- Walt Marshall 777