Letter to the Editor

Support for Soldiers, Sailors and Children's home

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To the Editor:

Is Sen. Lawson really doing what she was elected for? Or is she just another career politician?

On her bio she lists these Advisory Boards: Indiana Youth Services and Plainfield and Putnamville Correctional Facilities.

For those that do not know about the Indiana Soldiers, Sailors and Children's Home, our state wants to close this unique and valuable home and school. This home and school sits on about 50 acres and has over 400 acres within their boundaries.

Their remoteness and lack of publicity has added to their long, successful history.

Now much has and will change. The outcome rests with our elected legislators.

The State Board of Health only permits media stories pre-approved as of mid-February. Being a member of two boards concerning youth and correctional facilities, does Sen. Lawson follow what is best for all our at-risk kids? Or is she following word for word the Indianapolis Star's accounts?

With the experiences and resourceful insight available, why the negative opinion? Why not volunteer her talents and help keep the Children's Home open? Keeping our young men and women out of our court systems, in school, in a structured environment.

When a student or alumnus say it's their home and their family, believe them.

Write, call, or e-mail Sen. Lawson. Ask her opinions, and ask her to support this unique and valuable children's home.

John M. Bowyer