Russellville hires Ensley as attorney

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RUSSELLVILLE -- The town board unanimously voted to hire Jim Ensley as the town's attorney during its monthly meeting Wednesday.

Ensley, who is also the attorney for Bainbridge, will be given the same pay rate as the previous Russellville attorney.

Board president Don Reddish said the town had the opportunity to hire an attorney from Crawfordsville, but "wanted to keep it local."

In addition, the town voted 3-0 to renew Mike Varvel's contract for another year. Varvel serves as the water treatment plant manager.

He requested an increase, making his rate $35 per day or a little more than $9,000 per year. His increase of $4 per day was due to the distance he travels.

Varvel told board members the annual nitrate test has been completed. The tests showed Russellville's water contains one part per million, with 10 parts per million being average.

"That is next to nothing," he said.

The basement door and railing at the Russellville Community Center will receive some much-needed repairs.

"It needs to get done," said Reddish.

Among the votes were having a water pump fixed to have as a spare and the purchase of a wagon.

Board members agreed to repay Dave Grimes $175 for a wagon to use in several different capacities. The question is not how it will be used, but where it will be stored.

In tabled items:

* The water tower will be getting a fresh look soon. Board members are taking estimates on having it painted. One estimate showed a price of $27,800, but the board wants to keep looking.

* A resident at the south end of Fordice Street has been experiencing water difficulties. There has been brown water coming from the faucets and tests came back with poor results.

Board members discussed whether a flushing hydrant or fire hydrant should be installed. Varvel said a metal flushing hydrant could cost around $600 and for a rebuilt fire hydrant, the cost could be approximately $700 to $800.

Board members felt more information, such as the size of line at that location, is needed before making a decision.

The town is planning its clean-up day. The board will be teaming up with the local church for dates and renting a dumpster. More information will be available at a later date.

Reddish mentioned residents will be receiving a notice with their sewer bills about the 2010 census. He wanted the community to know how important it is to fill out the forms.

"It determines how much tax money we receive," he said.

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