Letter to the Editor

Many contributed to event's success

Friday, May 22, 2009

To the Editor:

For the past three years, Putnam County Operation Life has hosted an event to raise awareness before prom at local high schools.

On May 7, 2009, a simulated motor vehicle collision took place on the parking lot of Cloverdale High School. The purpose of this event was to heighten the students' awareness of what can happen in the event that they make poor choices. This is something that we hope to be able to continue in the future, rotating between all four Putnam County High Schools.

I am writing today to publicly thank everyone that participated in the event. Those I would like to thank are the students of Cloverdale High School for being very attentive during the scenario and the convocation; Mr. Sonny Stoltz and the Cloverdale Community School Corporation for allowing us to host the event at their school; The Victims: Allie Franklin, James Green, Kayla Langdon, Jenna Lewis, Janna Oxford, Daina Pina, Elizabeth Wiley; the parents of those student participants for allowing them to participate; Putnam County Operation Life and crew members Allison Deaner, Christopher Lien, Lynn Williams, Michael Smith, and Ryan Coffman; Indiana State Police and Troopers Cory Robinson and John Myers; Cloverdale Township Fire Department, Chief Kerry Shepherd and all firefighters who participated; Cloverdale Police Department and Charlie Hallam; Putnam County Prosecutor's Office and Tim Bookwalter; Putnam County Coroner's Office and Thomas Miller; PHI Dove Flight 4 air medical helicopter; Donald L. Pearson Mortuary and Thomas Helmer; Steele's Wrecker Service for providing the vehicles and towing; Brittany Neese, for providing her own personal prom experience; and Cyclone Graphics for providing signs for the event.

This event would not have been possible without the above mentioned individuals and agencies. The time and effort that they put into this event made it a very successful production.

Again, I just want to let them know that everything they did to make this a success is greatly appreciated and look forward to making this a continued success throughout Putnam County in years to come.

Zach Bowers

Operations Manager

Putnam County Operation Life