Students tour REX station

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Greencastle High School students recently took a tour of the Rockies Express Pipeline East as part of John Garner's environmental science class. Students visited a building in Bainbridge, which houses two jet engines to push the gas east. Leading the tour was Allen Fore, public affairs with Rockies Express.

BAINBRIDGE -- Some Greencastle High School students recently took learning out of the classroom and traveled to Bainbridge for a tour of Rockies Express Pipeline East. As part of John Garner's environmental science class, students take a field trip every Wednesday to various environmental sites around the Greencastle area.

Last week, Allen Fore of Rockies public affairs began the day's lesson with a presentation showing the pipeline's route. Schooling continued with a trip to the building in Bainbridge where two jets engines are housed to push the gas east.

The class learned how the pipeline acts much like a toll road, and gas is delivered to suppliers. It is 80 feet below the bottom of the Wabash River and runs near other pipelines.

One student asked the age-old algebra question of how long it would take for the gas to travel from point A to point B. Fore's answer was there is no simple answer because the gas doesn't necessarily travel from A to B.

In addition, students learned farmers would still be able to farm the land after the project is completed. Fore explained the company removes topsoil in order to lessen the impact on the soil. Farmers are also paid for any crop loss during the project.

The pipeline tour was among other environmental sites such as Tall Timbers, DePauw University Nature Park and even testing water on Big Walnut Creek.

GHS students who participated in the tour were Ashton Marshall, Andrew Birt, Buzz Deer, Greg Lilly, Joey Moy, Ivonne Martinez, Callie Sanders and Ashley Holmes.

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