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Wade back in jail, accused of violating home detention terms

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Greencastle woman sentenced in December to 18 months of house arrest was arrested Thursday for violating the terms of her home detention.

Tamera S. Wade, 46, has been ordered by Putnam Court Circuit Judge Thomas Milligan to be held in the Putnam County Jail without bond until a court hearing is held. No court dates have yet been set.

Wade was convicted of Class D felony theft for stealing more than $130,000 from a former employer. Milligan sentenced her to 2 1/2 years -- 18 months on home detention and the balance of the time on probation. Wade was also ordered to complete 1,000 hours of community service.

If Wade is convicted of violating her home detention, Milligan could order her to spend any of the time left in her sentence in jail.

Court documents said Putnam County Community Corrections had received several calls from citizens over the last few months saying they had seen Wade out of her home.

According to a probable cause affidavit and petition to revoke home detention signed by Putnam County Community Corrections Officer Nate O'Hair, Wade violated the terms of her home detention by:

* Going to a store in Plainfield in late December and going to the Greencastle Wal-Mart on Jan. 20.

* Reporting late for a community service assignment at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Greencastle on Jan. 21.

* Staying away from home after being turned away from a community service assignment at Hendricks County Hospital on Jan. 23.

* Refusing to comply with orders during community service hours at the Greencastle Fire Department on March 19 and March 25.

* Going to Long John Silver's restaurant in Greencastle on May 26.

* Attending functions at her youngest child's school on May 20 and 27 without permission to do so.

* Reporting late for an appointment with Putnam County Community Corrections on May 29.

Court documents said officials went over the terms of her house arrest with her several times as incidents were reported.

"Putnam County Community Corrections has monitored Tammy Wade for several months while she is serving her sentence on home detention and continues to encounter situations where Tammy does not follow her schedule and goes to places unauthorized," O'Hair wrote in the affidavit. "Tammy has signed the home detention contract and a set schedule of where she is supposed to be each week, and (she) continues to fail to abide by the schedule.

"Putnam County Community Corrections has found Tammy Wade to be ineligible for home detention due to her violating the home detention contract on several occasions," O'Hair continued. "Putnam County Community Corrections is asking that Tammy Wade be removed from the home detention program immediately."

Wade stole a total of $130,828.05 over a four-year period from Edward Wood & Co., an accounting firm in Greencastle, where she was employed as a bookkeeper. She committed the thefts by writing 183 checks to herself off a client's account.

Several people -- including her husband, her mother, her oldest son and the pastor of her church -- took the stand at Wade's sentencing hearing and spoke about her good character before she committed the thefts.

"Maybe it was depression, maybe it was a chemical imbalance," Wade said at her sentencing hearing. "It's hard for me to comprehend that it happened."

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Prison would be better. If I stole that money they would ship me to Shawshank!!!

-- Posted by 1stamendrights on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 8:32 PM

Consequences not learned!!!!! This is a perfect example. Roll the dice pay the price.

-- Posted by parentof ghssenior on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 8:39 PM

maybe she'll realize how incredably lucy she was in the first place. i bet she's sorry now.

-- Posted by faisymae1960 on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 9:09 PM

this is what happens when you think the rules dont apply to you. do the crime do the time. i feel so sorry for her mother.

-- Posted by faisymae1960 on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 9:34 PM

Alot of the comments talk about how Tammy wade has shown remorse for what she did, thats hogwash! Look at her smiling mugshot that's not a remorseful face, nor is it showing remorse not following your rules on home detintion what did she think...that they gave a fashion bracelet! Maybe if she did he remaining time behind bars she might learn something from all this, Why didn't her family stop her from doing these things or do they not see it was wrong either. For crying out loud she is a criminal, she broke the law and she knows it,she needs to pay for what she did!

-- Posted by frustr8edctizen on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 9:50 PM

Looks like community pressure finally got to the folks in Community Corrections. Ms Wade evidently didn't think that the rules applied to her. I understand she really didn't think what she did was wrong. Too bad the Prosecuter is a family friend.

-- Posted by S B on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 10:13 PM

It's about time something is being done. Did she really think wearing her disguise and driving her husbands truck around would fool people.

-- Posted by Carmom832 on Thu, Jun 11, 2009, at 10:14 PM

Obviously, I--nor anyone else--can fully understand what is happening inside her brain as she makes these decisions, but this actually does not surprise me.

This story reminds me of a young child who keeps getting threatened with punishment, but no actual punishment ever comes. After a while, that child will continue to push the boundaries, assuming that even if they are caught no real consequences will come as a result of their actions. Mrs. Wade at the very least appears to be living that sort of logic out. Think of it, after stealing $130,000 dollars and not going to jail, why in the world wouldn't you rationalize going places you aren't supposed to go on home detention? After all, she might have felt that even if caught, there would be no real consequences again.

I understand that sentencing and application of the law can split apart families and cause grief, but this sort of example shows why the criminal justice system needs to actually deliver justice. For when it fails to do so, the human being involved can begin to think that no rule or authority applies to them.

-- Posted by cloverfan on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 5:55 AM

I don't think she would have gone to these places if she was not told she could, I mean really, the School, how many people seen her that day? If she was doing something she wasn't suppose to be doing, don't you think she would go somewhere with LESS freaking people! I mean really, and a public restaurant, again if she was trying to be sneaky and revoke her probation I would think she would most assuredly go out of town! All of this is asinine!!! But the best I have read yet is "Good Job Nate!" Are you serious? What has Nate done? I do believe the article states her where bouts were reported by citizens, Or should I say CITIZEN...I would be glad to congratulate Nate if he was doing HIS job and following her thru her monitoring device of which we as tax payers pay for as well as does Mrs. Wade thru a monthly fee she is required to pay. If I were Mrs. Wade, I would demand any and all documentation that this device is even operating! If not, I as a tax payer as well as Mrs. Wade surly want our money back!

-- Posted by thistownsucks on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 7:59 AM

I do not understand why the corrections department was not taking action before now if she is being monitored. I think that we need to sit on the corrections department and make them do their jobs. It is like babysitting, but for people who have broke the law, and if we do not watch our kids, they do things they are not suppose to. Maybe it is time for some new leadership in the corrections department! As for Mrs. Wade, she did the crime and I think she needs to pay the time!

-- Posted by RDALERESIDENT on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 8:35 AM

thistownsucks....didn't you just post on Mitchener's story that Tammy Wade had found reform and was so sorry and that she was doing everything in her power to pay back what she owed? She SHOULD be reported every time she goes out to eat and shops. Because home detention is not a vacation. Looks to me like she thinks this whole thing is a big joke. And obviously she is NOT allowed to do these things like you said she was or she wouldn't be back in jail. I am not, nor have I ever been on home detention and have not been explained the rules in full like I am sure she was, and even I know that while on home detention you can't just go and come as you please. Do yourself a favor and stop defending her. Some people are't worth it. I have been in your shoes. You will end up looking like the fool every time.

"Tammy has signed the home detention contract and a set schedule of where she is supposed to be each week, and (she) continues to fail to abide by the schedule."

....she knew!!!

-- Posted by putnammom on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 8:40 AM

I think what people are the most upset about is- they feel that Ms.Wade has not shown any remorse for her actions. It seems as if she believes that she hasn't done anything wrong. As mentioned before she is acting like a child- sneaking around thinking that it doesn't matter- she has already been punished enough. I and many others including, her own family would be so humbled and begging for forgiveness from the community that we would not even think of going out somewhere- in fear of being seen. Not because of getting caught doing something you were not suppose to. The thought of people knowing what I had done and passing judgment towards me and the ill feelings towards my family- well that would be enough to keep me at home! In this case it isn't so- She just walks around as if nothing has changed and that people should feel that same way. Well that is not how it works- especially in these hard times-People are not so forgiving. The fact that the money was not used for survival, but for gambling and shopping. This makes people mad and then to see her out eating- where a lot of folks are brown bagging in order to buy gas to even get to there job. I guess I am saying remorse would go a long way- but I think it's just a bit to late for that now. The damage is done!

-- Posted by DjKay on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 9:03 AM

I have had a family member on home detention, I know their case worker or officer showed up at the door step several times a week to check in. Obviously this wasn't done with mrs wade because if they had they would know she wasn't home. The oficers even watched our house on several occasions is this being done for Tammy? I doubt it you see it doesn't matter what town you live in ..when your mother worked for put. office ans you have family friends in office they slap your wrists and say what a bad thing you di but it's ok we'll give a light sentence...which she obviously couldn't even pay attention to the rules but I am so tired of people using the depression card to get out of things....a true depressed person does not go around telling people they are depressed ..or oh I must have been depressed that's why i broke the law. TAMMY WADE YOU GOT CAUGHT YOU WERE STUPID AND DIDN'T FOLLOW YOUR RULES YOUR FAMIY EVEN WENT ALONG WITH YOU TO THESE FUNCTIONS IT'S TIME YOU PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES IT'S THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL EVER LEARN.

This isn't fair to her victims she stole their money yeah it probabaly got paid back but don't they deserve to have Tammy Wade show remorese and pay for what she did....because I know she hasn't shown remorse or she wouldn't have ended back in jail for not following the rules....it's time for no slap wrists for punishment...it's time for mrs wade to face the real punishment for her actions!

-- Posted by frustr8edctizen on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 9:14 AM

The whole idea of Community Corrections is to keep non-violent offenders out of the overcroweded prison system. I do not know any of the people involved but can tell you the reason she was not locked up sooner is the very nature of Community Corrections...work with the offender as long as possible in order to, hopefully, make some changes in that persons behavior. Some people just don't get it and the courts are left with few choices. If there are no consequences, there is chaos. We all need to be held responsible for our actions.

-- Posted by River Rat on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 9:24 AM

The article does not say whether she repaid the money she stole. The judge gave her a break with the home detention and she did not abide by the rules. She should now go to jail.

-- Posted by not gullible on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 9:35 AM

Cloverfan hits the nail on the head exactly.Their comment is describing this situation to a "T".What I dont understand is violations committed since last year in December? If someone in authority at the corrections as well as prosecutors office isnt pouring over this case right now looking for answers and names of those failing the system,than its as bad in those places as often alledged in these forums.I've heard when you go out of range of your base device it alerts the computer at the dept.returning into its range alerts as well.(range often is 25 feet and the likes.I know someone in another county that had an ok to grocery shop at specified store.He entered his home w/the first sacks,went back to his car for more sacks and walked into and out of its range a couple times.Sheriff is at the door the next day.Seems like there are serious problems w/administering this device and MAJOR issues w/monitoring.Lets see those in the system be heard explaing the ball being dropped....

-- Posted by honestyisbestpolicy on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 11:04 AM

If ya cant refrain from Wallyworld and long johns,while serving a mere hand slap gift from the county,than you need to be in a Jeff Foxworthy skit!As for the childs school event,permission would likely be granted if requested like instructed.Save the kid some embarassment,stay home..

-- Posted by honestyisbestpolicy on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 11:11 AM

Hey Shawshank Redemption is a good movie...anyway what she did was wrong no doubt. She should definately go to jail for violating her probation. She is already lucky she didn't have to spend time in jail because of the seriousness of this crime. You think she would be greatful and obey the simple rules. Giving children this example pretty much tells them to go ahead and make big mistakes like this because there won't be many consequences. Well the bottom line is that is it WRONG MISTER!

-- Posted by boxorox on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 3:57 PM

After reading all the comments, I feel I should mention that Ms. Wade should have oringally been charged with 180+ thefts and 180+ forgeries. She was given a terrific break by the prosecuter. However, it seems she didn't think the rules apply to her. We can only assume (and hope) that this time, friends of the family or not, she will be treated as other cases have been treated in the past months.

-- Posted by S B on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 6:46 PM

Why blame Community Corrections for Mrs. Wade's failure to follow the rules? The sad truth is that Mrs. Wade happens to be a deeply flawed human being who is blessed to have a very kind and good family. They deserve far better than what she has given them. The pain she has created is surely deep, and my heart goes out to them with great respect and honor for sticking with her through good and bad. This story illustrates that true love knows no bounds. We can only hope that Mrs. Wade turns her life around one day and earns the honest devotion shown to her by her mother, husband and children, as well as many in this community.

-- Posted by sneakers on Fri, Jun 12, 2009, at 8:44 PM

Thankful?.......She came out money ahead! Crime does pay.

-- Posted by mad-mom on Sat, Jun 13, 2009, at 12:47 PM

I think most of you on this site have it completely wrong about Mrs. Wade. You don't know the whole story - she was given permission to be at the school and when she was at LJS she was doing some of the court order community service with the Parks Dept who was responsible for her whereabouts that day. The people in this town who critize other people and the "concerned citizen" of this town who think they need to call when they see her out should really think about what their doing. You should be ashamed of yourself...you don't know what she is or isn't supposed to be doing or the permission she has been given. God for bid one of these days I hope lighting doesn't strike at your house.

-- Posted by gcastleparent on Wed, Jun 17, 2009, at 8:59 AM

To grcastleparent

Reread the article.

-- Posted by bam on Thu, Jun 18, 2009, at 7:14 PM

How can people stick up for someone when they know that what they have done is wrong. She is not innocent, she is quilty!! I would not go and screw up my home detention knowing that I will be going to jail, and hurt my family more!

-- Posted by RDALERESIDENT on Fri, Jun 19, 2009, at 2:46 PM

Another fine example of motherhood, ha!!! She broke the law several times and was under home detention when some of these were broken. Once again, her children have to suffer for what she has done. She shouldn't be allowed to see them at all. They will have to live with this the rest of their lives, who cares about hers, she did this to herself, her children were innocent.

-- Posted by whatnext on Sat, Jun 20, 2009, at 8:43 AM

Tammy is well aware that she has mad a horrible mistake, and i am sure that she is sorry for what she has done and the embarrassment she has caused herself and family. I am sure her and her family have been threw, and are still going threw pure hell. As far as all the negitive comments about her...what is it any of your bussiness?...who are you people to judge? The court found HER guilty and put HER on home detention for HER punishment. IF she broke the rules of home detention it is HER that is now paying the price for doing so. HER AND HER FAMILY...not you and everyone else commenting. My GOD people. Dont you think the news paper and community has punished this women and her family enough. What ever happened to forgiveness or walking a mile in someone elses shoes? She made a big mistake...dont you think she knows that? Dont you think she is paying the price? God help you if anything like this happens to you or someone you love...believe me, it happens to the best of us. So before making such harsh judgements just remember...WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND! I will be praying for Tammy and her family....

-- Posted by mercyme on Sat, Jul 18, 2009, at 1:05 PM

everyone needs to lay off.

if you even knew tammy wade, she was one of the best people in my life! she did do something bad, nothing megative should go bad to her family, or any friends. She knows what shes been doing, and she knows its wrong, but everyone makes mistakes right?

-- Posted by girlswhocare on Thu, Sep 10, 2009, at 8:44 AM

I met Tammy for the first time in my life in Putnam County Jail. I'm not proud of that, yes ive made my own mistakes, but this is about her. At one time she was my bunky, she truly is a huge hearted individual. she knows what she did was wrong believe me i know, i ate,slept,and talked with this woman 24/7 for bout 60 days. she was like a mother to me. she showed more remorse for what she did in there then anyone in that womans block. And yes to those that dont know she has paid that money back and then some. Lets see you guys complete over 600 hours community service in 7 months and have the responsibilities she did. Yes she went places she wasnt supposed to but she wasnt commiting more crimes, she was being there for Abe and Tyler. She honestly has learned her lesson, why dont you all back off and get a life. I know theres nothing much to do in this town but get in other peoples business but come on move on already.I LOVE YOU TAMMY!!! AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!! We both know god and your TRUE friends and family have forgiven you. Ignore the negative input from these miserable people.

-- Posted by haveaheartpeople on Sat, Oct 3, 2009, at 1:08 AM

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