Letter to the Editor

Kindness was appreciated by retiree

Friday, June 19, 2009

To the Editor:

To my family, fellow workers, and to my customers -- I can't thank you enough for being so giving of thoughts and of gifts and flowers with my retirement from the Postal Service.

It has been truly my pleasure over the years to have been a part of your lives. I have seen many come and go over the years and remember lots of occasions. You have helped me grow and I truly am grateful for the friendship and commemorated through out the years.

As we move on with life, I will miss you very much. Thank you for those who stopped by and took time out their busy days to share in my open house at Dixie Chopper. It was great to see everyone.

Thank you Linda, Billie Jo and Jamie for making my event so special. Smiles to all.

Cathy (A.K.A. Post Office Cathy) Mullis