Letter to the Editor

Thanks for making anniversary special

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To the Editor:

The staff of Chief's and myself wish to thank all the great folks that helped make our anniversary celebration on June 20th such a wonderful day.

They are HBG Insurance, Brad Collins, City of Greencastle, Sue Murray, Lori Hardwick, Chief Tom Sutherlin, Jerry Hecko, Jack Glover, Elks #1077, Mary Michael, Rick Barcus, Dennis Furr, Jeremy Hayes, Anthony Mullis, Sandy Williams, Alex Williams, Randy Albright, Chuck Bond, Rod Warfield, Chris Trigg, Rich Slaughter, Julianna S., Banner Graphic, Hoosier Topics, Jenny Snyder, Shannen Hayes, Old National Bank, Cara Goodin, John and David Wood, Jeremy Barger, Greencastle Chamber of Commerce, Lori Garner Manning, Bright Futures, Phullis Rockiki, Putnam County Library, Danika Johnson, Mona Desanto, Putnam Ink, Laura Williams, Amy Fuller, Alan Long, Chris Cook, Margo Abott, Cherokee Sisters, Anthony and Skylar Pintar, GMS Cheerleaders.

Steve "Chief" Geabes