Letter to the Editor

Farmer's market great way to buy local

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To the Editor:

Chief's wishes to thank Steve Setchell and Cathryn Ensley of the Friends of the Farmers' Market for including us in the DOWNTOWN FARMERS MARKET.

The Farmers Market is such a cool thing because (besides great fresh, local goods and produce) it acts as a microcosm of how all community economics should work. Here's how it should work: Chief's buys tomatoes and cucumbers from a local farmer. The local farmer buys equipment from a local hardware store. The local hardware store does business with a local bank. A bankteller from the local bank has lunch at Chief's. And so on and so on. GET IT!?!!

It's very cool and very simple. BUY LOCALLY! We're proud that we could be a part of such a great and successful community effort this summer. Thanks again and see you next year! Farmers Market runs until the end of October!!

Indy New

Chief's Manager