South Putnam splits with Clovers in cross country meet

Monday, September 21, 2009
Joe Rumley tries to catch up with Lighthouse Christians runner in the early part of the race Monday. Rumley finished second overall with a time of 19:22

GREENCASTLE -- It was a split between the South Putnam and Cloverdale cross country team's Monday afternoon.

South Putnam claimed the prize in the boys' competition 24-35, while Cloverdale did the same in the girls' race 25-30.

In the boys race, it was neither Cloverdale or South Putnam who finished first. That honor belonged to Light House Christian's only runner, who finished first with a time of 19:11. Cloverdale's Joe Rumley wasn't far behind him. He finished second with a time of 19:22 and is continuing to make some noise within the county.

"I have to say that Joe is one runner that comes to practice determined to get better and it's showing," CHS coach Katie McLaughlin said. "He is only a freshman and look how he is competing with everyone else in the county. He has been a real surprise for the boys team this year."

Kyle Chambers was the next Clover to cross the line, as he finished the race in fourth place with a time of 20:07.

"Kyle was right behind Joe," McLaughlin said. " I wish he would try a little harder and I think he has more in him, than he wants to give.

"Kyle is more of the vocal leader of the team and I think the boys are doing a great job," McLaughlin said.

It looked like that Cloverdale was going to take the win in the boys race after Rumley and Chambers finish, but when the Eagles finished fifth through eighth, everything changed.

After Tanner Barr finished third with a time of 20:04, Paul Rubino came in fifth with a time of 20:21,followed by Shea Arnold who finished sixth with a time off 20:49 and Jorge Cavell came in seventh with a time of 20:57. Andrew Kelly wrapped up the win for the Eagles when he finished eighth with a time of 21:07

"Our times weren't the best of the year, but at this time of the year, with some of the workouts we have been doing, I don't think our times are going to be the best," SPHS boys coach Brian Gardner said. "But I'm pleased that we were able to win and I thought our guys were competing and ultimately at the end of the day you look to see if your guys competed and that's what they did."

In the girls' race, Cloverdale had the fastest time with Amillia Nally winning with a time of 25:07 followed by Claudia Monnett who finished second with a time of 25:31.

"Amilla is another freshman and is starting to come around and listen to some of the things that I have to say and maybe starting to realize that I might be right in a few areas," McLaughlin said. "I was proud of her today and I think her time could be a little better, but as far as the pre-meet preparation goes, what she did was far better this meet than any other meet.

"I'm glad she finally took my advice because it showed on the course. I mean she was running right in packs of boys," McLaughlin added. "Claudia did well too. She had a South Putnam runner right in front of her for most of the race until the end where we told her she could pass her and she did. She busted up that hill and she ran away with and I was excited to see that."

Cloverdale's sixth, seventh and ninth place finishes from Sydney Shrum, Cheryl Dean and Same Huff wrapped up the win for the team while South, scored their third, fourth, fifth, eighth and tenth place finishes.

"Well our times surprised me," SPHS girls coach Elaine Bye said. "I thought they would be a little faster, but we had a really hard workout on Friday and they got to see what kind of pace the need to run in conference and sectional and they did a great job today. They went out and competed."

South Putnam is back in action on Sept. 30 when it travels to Cascade for a 5 p.m. meet while Cloverdale is back in action on Oct. 1 when it hosts Eminence a 4:30 p.m.

At South Putnam

Boys results

South Putnam 24, Cloverdale 35, Light House Christian Inc.

1. Siefers (LH) 19:11, 2. Rumley (CL) 19:22, 3. Barr (SP) 20:04, 4. Chambers (SL) 20:07, 5. Rubino 20:21, 6. Arnold (SP) 20:49, 7. Cavell (SP) 20:57, 8. Kelly (SP) 21:07, 9. Cupp (SL) 23:47, 10. Alex (SP) 24:18, 11. Ruldolph (SP) 24:54, 12. Worthington 25:26, 13. Murphy (SL) 25:34, 14. Ladd (SP) 26:16, 15. Bookwlater (SP) 26:32, 16. Anderson (CL) 27:46, 17. Williams 29:06, 18. McMain (SP) 31:27.

Girls results

Cloverdale 25, South Putnam 30

1, Nally (CL) 25:07, 2. C. Monnett (CL) 25:31, 3. Cox (SP) 26:26, 4. Lund (SP) 26:37, 5. Beasley (SP) 27:39, 6. Shrum (CL) 28:43, 7. Dean (CL) 29:07, 8. Birt (SP) 31:03, 9. Huff (CL) 34:41, 10. Bubb (SP) 35:12, 11. S. Monnett (CL) 35:45.