Letter to the Editor

Problems with Van Bibber Lake Conservancy?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To the Editor:

For the new board at Van Bibber Lake Estates, POA: Just when improvements were being made, noticed and appreciated, YOU "disposed" of our security personnel.

Already I've noticed people are reverting back to speeding and who knows what else. I soon expect the drug activity to increase.

This is a letter of discontent from those residents of Van Bibber Lake who DO abide by the rules; who DO keep their property clean; who DO make improvements to their property.

You (the Van Bibber Lake POA board) may represent the residents, but you certainly do NOT have our best interests at heart NOR do YOU represent us well.

I would think that with the property owner taxes we pay and capital improvement money we pay with our water bill each month, that between the POA and the Van Bibber Lake Conservancy District that "we the people" could and should receive more than we do in return -- such as roads patched and areas where water stands filled.

Personally, this writer thinks neither the POA nor the Conservancy District give us much bang for the buck!

As for dismissing our security, you made a big error in doing so. And we're going to pay for your mistake.

Mary Shepherd