Wolfsie Entertains Heritage Lake Community

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Dick Wolfsie

GREENCASATLE -- For the third year, Heritage Lake Community Services and Heritage Lake Book Club combined resources to offer an evening with an author to the public.

Dick Wolfsie, author, columnist, writer and TV personality, delighted members of the audience with his narrative entitled "Why We Laugh." This well known Hoosier is the author of 12 books and presently is a weekly humor columnist for 25 central Indiana newspapers.

Audience members were eager to purchase his newest book, "Mornings with Barney," and a collection of his favorite humor columns published in Indiana newspapers entitled "67 Ways to Amuse Yourself."

While signing books and chatting with audience members, Wolfsie proved to those present that he is indeed one of the funniest people in Indiana, as suggested on his book jackets.

If indeed a good spontaneous laugh can reduce tension and possibly extend life, then those present went home relaxed and feeling well.

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