Letter to the Editor

May the truth prevail!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To the Editor:

To SPGraduate, Pasteagle, and to any and all concerned parties: Being an educator for 30 years, I can honestly say that I do not believe that there is any school corporation that does not show some form of favoritism.

I have personally known and been involved with Mr. Campbell for over 15 years. I have found Mr. Campbell to be a very upright, hardworking, and dedicated person.

Hopefully the readers understand that these allegations were not made BY Mr. Campbell, but in reality were AGAINST Mr. Campbell. If we want the truth to come out concerning this matter, where are the people that make these allegations? This press release in the newspaper was printed in the attempt to make the people aware of what truly happened.

Please be aware of the different types of discrimination.

Having known Mr. Campbell, I'm sure this was one of the only ways to have the truth come out. For the record, at the request of Mr. Puckett and Mr. Bain, Mr. Campbell was summoned to the principal's office during a regular classroom period. Behind "closed doors," these two administrators began to reveal these allegations to Mr. Campbell.

The administrators showed great concern for Mr. Campbell's welfare by suggesting that he sit down at the principal's computer and type out a resignation. This resignation would be put in a sealed envelope. This envelope would be "tucked away" in a safe until the end of the school year.

At that time, the envelope would "reappear" and be turned into the superintendent.

This would make this meeting all tidy and complete ... for the administrators.

I'm sure you can imagine the disbelief and confusion that Mr.Campbell must have felt! Mr. Campbell repeatedly asked who made these allegations, and was told "Well, we cannot disclose this information."

The administrators did say that if they had to name a person that made the allegations, "It would be ... He's man enough to take it."

After a lengthy period of time in this meeting, Mr. Campbell, feeling extreme pressure, did type a one sentence resignation as requested by Mr. Puckett.

In shock, Mr.Campbell returned to his classroom. Within minutes, there was yet another request for his signature. Not feeling comfortable with this situation, Mr. Campbell declined.

The "plan" for putting the resignation in the safe suddenly changed. The following day Mr. Campbell was called by the superintendent to let him know he accepted his resignation and was told to turn in his school keys to the superintendent and was not allowed on school property.

This created an ongoing "nightmare."

With this said, as a very concerned party, I am sure that any student, parent, teacher, or administrator could understand the importance that Mr. Campbell places on the truth coming forward. Knowing Mr. Campbell, I am sure that he appreciates all the positive comments that have appeared in the Banner Graphic's Opinion Section, and undestands completely that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.


Patti Jones