Letter to the Editor

Volunteers make the museum possible

Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Editor:

Doubtlessly, you are already aware of how wonderful, how important, it is to preserve our past.

It has been said that knowledge of our history, our heritage, is what makes us human, what gives depth to our lives.

A small museum like the Putnam County Museum cannot exist, though, without volunteers like you!

Volunteers: those who agree to give their time and talents, without benefit of salary, special recognition, or any expectation that they will be appropriately recognized in any way for their service. However, they will come to know and understand that their gift of service is a gift without price, and a gift that is essential to the fabric of a community. A volunteer's commitment of time is really up to the individual.

And don't forget that we need people to serve on committees too, or even to just be a sounding board, making suggestions or giving constructive criticism.

Museum docents are only one very special type of volunteer. Docents are trained to be the first contact with the visiting public, to answer their questions when they can, and to make a guest feel comfortable and welcome. But docents are not our only volunteers, for we seek anyone who has a special skill or ability, whom we can call when needed.

* We need people who are willing to serve on committees and help with exhibits, including what items we display.

* We need people who have strength to help move heavy items, or the trucks to carry them from one place to another.

* We need plumbers or electricians.

* We need people who have computer skills.

* We need people who can help us with even the simplest of tasks, like making certain our trash is taken to the appropriate dumpster on appropriate days.

* And yes, we need people who can bake cookies, or be sponsors for important events.

Because we operate with only part time help, and limited resources, virtually all of you are needed, and all of you have some skill you could offer, whether you know it or not. Please consider the type of service you could offer, and call us so that we could talk to you about how you could contribute to the work we are doing -- that you are doing -- for your county.

Our number is 653-8419, ask for Anne or Tanis, or if you would prefer, talk our volunteer coordinator, Ellie Ypma at 653-6639.

Don't hesitate, for our success; our continuation as a resource; our depository for Putnam County's unique artifacts; our venue for programs which help all of us to better understand ourselves; is -- simply stated -- up to you.

Anne Lovold

Director, Putnam County Museum