Letter to the Editor

Speeds around Heritage Lake are excessive

Friday, November 13, 2009

To the Editor:

Welcome to all to visit Heritage Lake. It is unlike any other place I have lived.

The stop signs here mean yield, merge or slow. People either do not understand the word stop or are just in too big a hurry. All the roads are double yellow lined, which I believe means no passing.

Well, what do you do when walkers are walking two or three abreast on the traveled portion of county roads?

Either swerve around them at the top of a hill or stop and see if they will walk over the top of your vehicle.

As stated before, our roads are very hilly and many blind curves hide driveways or intersections. Thus, the speed limit is 30 mph.

The average speed around the lake is 40 at the slowest, going upward to 50-plus mph.

I have resided here for 19 years, and have no intention of moving.

I realize that the sheriff's department has many roads to patrol and protect the residents. My question is what the answer is.

So unless something is done here, I think all future road racers should find somewhere else to practice their skills.

So there is no thought that all these infractions are committed by teens, think again -- as more are adult parents.

R. Barger

Heritage Lake