Letter to the Editor

A word of thanks for our community servants

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To the Police, Fire, an EMS of Greencastle:

This afternoon, my mother was in a car accident in Greencastle, I live 40 miles away and was not able to get there as quickly as I would have liked to. After talking to her companion on the phone I was certain she would be fine, and after talking with her in person when I arrived, I was sure of it. To you, I want to extend the greatest thanks for your prompt attention and care for her.

To the Emergency Dispatchers, who seldom get any thanks:

I am a dispatcher in another county and realize that your work is difficult, to say the least, and sitting on that side of the radio it can be difficult to measure the impact we have on other peoples lives. It's just what we do. People often forget that we are human beings ourselves, with families to care for and problems just like everyone else. Thank you.

To the Chiefs of the departments who responded:

There are fine people working in your departments. They do their jobs with pride and obvious love for their career. They are an asset to the department and the community.

To the people of Putnam County:

There are brave people who risk their lives each and every day in service to YOU. Many of them are thousands of miles away in foreign lands. Many more of them are as near as the neighborhood firehouse or police station. A lot of them have been both places. So, please try to be kind to the people who are there to help. Situations can be scary. But for those who run in when everyone else is running out, it's all in a days work. They just want to go home to their family at the end of the day.

Shawn McCrocklin

Terre Haute