Back to the Table cooking class

Monday, November 23, 2009

After teaching Dining with Diabetes classes for over five years, Extension Educator, Jackie Baumann, and Sharon Black, RD from the Putnam County Hospital, have decided to offer some basic cooking classes for the general public. The first class, which is being called "Back to the Table", is set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening, December 10th. Also assisting with the class on December 10th will be PCH dietician, Jamie Downen and Lorie Fuller the new Family Nutrition Program Assistant at the Extension Office.

The class will be held in the hospital's third floor class room. Reservations should be made by calling the Purdue Extension Service office at 765-653-8411 by noon, Monday, December 7th. Cost of this class is $5.00. Participants will receive instruction, recipes, menu ideas and get to sample several recipes.

Thanksgiving and other winter holidays are times that we picture the family gathered around the table enjoying tasty and nourishing meals together. Unfortunately for some families the holidays may be among the few times that they actually do sit down together to eat homemade dishes. For many families the treat of a home cooked meal has become as rare as eating out at a restaurant was for their parents or grandparents.

Generations ago, moms were less likely to work outside of the home and there weren't as many fast food and other restaurants available. Today, both parents are likely to work outside the home and eating out or bringing home food from a drive through is common. Even food that comes from the grocery is often already prepared or ready to simply 'heat and eat.'

After a generation or two of less cooking and more eating out, cooking and planning meals are skills that may not have been taught or passed down. While cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, may take hours or days of planning and preparation, regular family meals can actually be prepared at home cheaper and in less time that it takes to go to and thru a fast food drive through line.

December is a busy time with the added tasks of getting ready for the holidays, but Bauman and Black promise to share ideas that will save you time and money that you can use throughout the rest of the year, while they show you some easy ways to feed your family tasty and healthy alternatives to fast or already prepared food. Join them for the first Back to the Table-basic cooking class and look forward to bringing your family back to the table more often.

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Upcoming Events

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December 3: Putnam Extension Advisory Council Annual Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

December 10: Bi-State Crop Management Workshop, Beef House, 9 a.m.

December 10 "Back to the Table" Basic cooking class (RSVP Ext. Office), Putnam Co. Hospital, 6:30 p.m.

December 14: "Ordinary Things Used in Extraordinary Ways", Extension Office, 10 a.m.