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Monday, May 2, 2016

I think you'll survive

Friday, February 12, 2010

We Hoosiers are a complaining lot.

I've always thought the opposite should be the case. We're supposed to be farmer and industrial workers -- an tough bunch. We'll take anything you throw at us.

I suppose we will take just about anything, but we'll grumble about it the whole way.

This especially gets to me whenever the weather reaches an extreme. We're always saying it's too hot, two cold, too rainy, too dry, too windy or (my favorite) not too hot but too humid.

I'm sorry, people, we've chosen to make our homes in the Midwest, and that means conditions aren't exactly stable.

It's going to be too cold in January and February. The rain is going to seemingly drown us in the spring and early summer. In July and August we're all going to think we'll never see rain again.

Did I mention how fierce tornado season can be?

It seems the only time we're happy is in the fall -- as long as the frost doesn't come too early.

That's just the fate we've chosen. I've heard it said many times: "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, hang around 10 minutes -- it will change."

Shouldn't that mean we're conditioned to anything? Shouldn't we be able to take it with a smile?

It isn't like I don't experience the same frustrations as everyone else. I hate putting on two extra layers of clothing just to drive across town. I clear the front walk only to have it blown over in 15 minutes. Snow gets in the tops of my shoes and then soaks my sock. The snow and slush clings to the inside of my wife's car's wheel well and then rubs against the tires, which I'm sure isn't good.

Here the best, though: My car needs 15 or 20 minutes of warm-up time before the transmission is functional beyond second gear.

Do I let any of this keep me up at night, though? Absolutely not. I just pull the comforter a little tighter and sleep like a baby.

The day it starts becoming a bigger problem, I'll start looking for jobs in San Diego.



Surfing every day. (Seriously, picture ME surfing. It's hilarious.)

Until sunny Cal comes calling, I'll just continue to grin and bear it.

As long as I have you here, can I make one request? Lay off the weathermen for a while. It's a tough job, and complaining about them is pretty trite anyway.

How many other professions are expected to predict the future? Can you say for certain what's going to happen tomorrow in your area of expertise?

Why, then, should the poor weathermen be so roundly mocked when they miss the mark?

I don't hear anyone complaining about all the football experts who incorrectly picked the Colts to beat the Saints. Based on all the pregame indications, they made the right picks.

Unfortunately, football isn't played on paper.

How is the weather any different?