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Full-circle recycling has multiple benefits

Saturday, February 27, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- The paper you recycle today may be the newspaper you read in just a few weeks, and again in two months, and again in six months.

This process is called full-circle recycling. There is an added benefit to this recycling program -- organizations can earn money from participating in The Paper Retriever recycling program. Over the past year, the Banner Graphic collected $1,379 by participating. They collected just under 84 tons of recycled paper products, with all the funds being donated to local charities.

The idea behind the Paper Retriever program is different from other recycling programs since it does not recycle old paper for just one time use, but recycles paper again and again for as many times as you bring them your old paper.

"For people who already give to charities like the food pantry or the Humane Shelter, this is another way they can contribute," said Machelle Whitney, a Banner Graphic employee who oversees the Paper Retriever initiative at the company. "Just bring your paper products to the Retriever paper bins in the back corner of the Banner parking lot."

All newspapers, magazines, office and school papers, folders, fax paper, shopping catalogs and mail can be placed in the container for recycling. Paper placed in the Retriever bin is sent directly to paper mills and is remanufactured into newsprint within a few weeks of collection.

There are great benefits to the environment and community through recycling. It can help reduce landfill use and saves water and energy. It also promotes environmental stewardship and education through recycling and environmental activities.

Last year, non-profit organizations were able to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for community outreach programs and recycled more than 15,000 tons.

For information about the Paper Retriever program visit their Web site at www.paperretriever.com or call Whitney at the Banner Graphic at 653-5151.

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