Letter to the Editor

'Open carry' a bad idea

Friday, March 12, 2010

To the editor:

As a native son of Greencastle and Vietnam veteran, I wanted to bring this issue to light. The "open carry" of a pistol in the state of Indiana is being considered by many. The current laws certainly need to be followed.

Should we consider going back to the days of the .44 revolver straped to the hip with a holster tied to the leg? Perhaps the person who would openly carry such a weapon should realize that the bullet that is shot from the pistol will travel approximately 300+ feet before finding its final resting place. Also, the shooter will be held legally responsible fro any harm that comes from the discharge of his or her weapon.

While in the military, I qualified Expert with the .38 caliber pistol and M-16 rifle. But the shooting range is a safer situation

Consider open carry carefully and only for self-defense.


Frank Scroggin

Savannah, Ga.