Letter to the Editor

Why won't Congress listen?

Friday, March 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Our elected officials in Washington are poised to take a healthcare vote that will devastate families and small businesses. Not only does the plan spend $900 billion that we don't have, but it's paid for on the backs of small business. Most Americans know reform is needed -- but this is not the reform we are asking for -- we need reform that lowers our healthcare costs, and the bill Congress is trying to jam through simply does not do that.

Instead, they are forcing a bill with a new $7 million annual tax on small businesses' health insurance plans -- not big business or unions (they were exempted). They single out the already-struggling construction industry by forcing a new healthcare mandate on firms with more than five employees and $250,000 payroll. And they are now working to force small businesses to pay for insurance for all part-time employees as well. How do any of these provisions help a small business afford healthcare or create jobs, especially in this economy?

As a citizen and a small business owner, I have to ask: Who is really working for the people? As we watch Congress ignore our protests and pursue this bill, it is up to the citizens of this country, especially those with small businesses -- to let them know they are pursuing policies that threaten our very livelihood. Anyone in Congress who votes for this legislation is voting against small business, against the voice of the majority of Americans, and you can bet we'll remember that on Election Day.


Jennifer McNabb