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Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016

Still some good ones out there

Friday, March 19, 2010

I received a nice reminder Saturday that for all the moaning we may like to do, there are still good people out there.

It started somewhere around noon. I was trying to convince body to go back to sleep, and it was only sort of working. My phone rang, and it was my editor.

The mind raced. I proofed really well last night. I got in all the important stories. I think all the dates and page numbers were correct.

It was nothing of the sort. She was at a rummage sale in Reelsville and there was a changing table for just $10. While it's still surreal to me to be shopping for baby accessories, I understand I'll be needing them sooner than I think.

So I thanked her, lifted myself up off the couch and went off to get Nicole to take her to Reelsville on her lunch break.

The table was obviously used, but still in good shape. Most importantly, it was $10. As we've done our online window shopping, I've had more than a few "babies are expensive" moments.

We decided to get it. Whatever color scheme we settle on, it could easily be refinished.

As I carried it toward the car, though, I began to get the fear. Was there any way this would fit in the trunk? No dice. How about the side doors? Even worse.

The really sad part is my wife's car has a ginormous trunk. It does not, however, have a big enough opening to fit something like a changing table.

Perhaps this sort of stupidity is why they don't make Pontiacs anymore.

Nicole went back inside to see if there was a screwdriver we could use. Meanwhile, I simply stared at the changing table with a confused look on my face.

And then our deliverer arrived.

A woman in a small SUV was leaving, and pulled adjacent to my car. Seeing my befuddlement, she rolled down her window and asked where we were going.

As luck would have it, she was on her way to a baby shower (how ironic) here in Greencastle. We loaded the table into the back of her vehicle and drove into town.

Of course, after we'd unloaded she refused to take any money for her trouble. At the same time, I had to ask.

People do the right thing all the time, but we don't always like to make note of it. It's much easier to notice the lying, cheating, stealing and violence.

I can tell you, though, that right now there is a changing table in our future nursery because of a couple of people looking out for others. One of them I know: a boss, coworker and friend who knows what it's like to raise kids on a budget. The other one I've only met once: a woman who saw someone and decided to give a hand.

I sincerely thank you both.