Letter to the Editor

A fate no animal deserves

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To the Editor,

Last Wednesday evening I found a beautiful copper-eyed black cat with a large thick tail in my yard. After coaxing him over, he let me pet him and stroke that magnificent tail as he looked into my eyes with gratitude.

I hoped he would find his way home, and if not, he would be taken to the HSPC for adoption. The next morning I looked for him and was horrified to find him behind my house, dead, his tail broken, his lips curled in pain.

I may never know what happened to that poor creature, but he was laid to rest with dignity in my yard.

Too many animals suffer similar fates from irresponsible pet owners who "dump" pets and their unwanted litters. Nearly all abandoned pets will eventually be killed, starve or die of disease.

I urge all people who take on the commitment of pet ownership to please, please have every one of them neutered! Some uninformed people believe that cats and dogs are happier when they're left in their natural state. On the contrary, a neutered pet is more content, safe, and will live a much longer healthier life. Best of all, neutering eliminates the birth and subsequent abandoning of so many helpless animals.

No creature deserves the fate my little visitor suffered. My heart still aches from the memory of those copper eyes, and the kind, grateful soul I saw within them.

Carol Hamm