Letter to the Editor

Racism accusation was out of line

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the irate man who called and indicated that I was a racist. He said I hated black people and resented a black president. I don't consider Obama a black or a white president; I consider him a mixed-race president. I didn't write because of race I wrote it because I disagree with him changing this nation from a capitalistic nation to a socialistic nation.

In regards to black people, I lived in the south-end of Greencastle among them for a long time and consider them among my best friends. Greencastle has produced a number of black influential people, some still living and some deceased. I am going to mention their names; Dorothy Chapman Brown is well known and respected for the contribution she has made for the welfare of Greencastle. Her father, Oscar Chapman Sr., was a hard-working, respectable man and one of my favorite people.

The other one is Charley Miles, who is well known for the civic work he has done in Greencastle. His father, Ted Miles, was well known and associated with the Elks Lodge for years.

I will list a number of black people I admire and respected in Greencastle -- the Browns, Williams, Dues and the Hughes.

I know we all don't think alike and hope they respect my way of thinking, as well as I respect their right to think as they like.

I see a lot of black on TV that think they way I do. They don't think it is the American way of life for the president to hire 15,000 agents to come to your house to badger and intimidate you for not having insurance, plus a heavy fine.

To the irate liberal, you should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. You knew my name, why didn't you give me yours.

Dale Covert