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Public Record for April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The following cases were filed April 23-26 in the Putnam County Courts:

Criminal Cases

* Anthony Anderson, 47, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Marilyna R. Johnson, 28, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Jeffery J. Aker, 29, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

*Alexander Landreville, 19, Class B misdemeanor public intoxication and Class C misdemeanor illegal consumption of alcohol.

* Molly L. Keller, 19, Class A misdemeanor conversion.

* William J. Drake II, 19, Class A misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia.

* Athena R. Siddons, 26, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Cary W. Buchanan, 36, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery.

* Kevin D. Combs, 41, Class A felony child molesting and Class C felony child molesting.

* James H. Roach, 42, Class C misdemeanors operating while intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle with at least .08 grams of alcohol in .210 liters of breath.

* Sherri Sanders, 36, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle with at least .08 grams of alcohol in .210 liters of breath.

Traffic Infractions

* John Andrews, 63, exceeding maximum speed limit.

* James Sanford, 63, safety belt violation (driver).

* Kevin Geier, 55, exceeding maximum speed limit.

* Richard Douglas, 50, exceeding maximum speed limit.

* Sean Cullen, 25, exceeding maximum speed limit.

*Lawrence Cleaveland, 37, improper u-turn.

* Rachael Below, 26, exceeding maximum speed limit.

* Eric Arnold, 28, exceeding maximum speed limit.

Small Claims

* Charlotte Romanic vs. Kathy Cassady and William Garvin

* Van Bibber Lake Conservancy vs. Candy Seeley

* Van Bibber Lake Conservancy vs. John Josepho

Mortgage Foreclosures

* Everhome vs. Karen D. Hirt

* Midfirst Bank vs. Larry E. Battson

* Universal Mortgage Co. vs. Baxter and Dana Carr

* Chase Home vs. Marcia Britton

* Citimortgage vs. John C. Gilbert

* Chase Home vs. Jeremy E. Hanley

Civil Tort Claims

* Jon Mangles vs. Western United Insurance Co.

Real Estate Transfers

* Fannie Mae to Mark A. Pinkston, 316 Jefferson Valley, Coatesville

* Nancy Stringer to Robert W. and Janice K. Gilley, Autumn Glen Village B5

* Verna L. and Carmen A. Gipson to Lori France, 87 Lincoln Hills, Coatesville

* Steven R. and Jeanne E. Ogborn to Lori A. France, 88 Lincoln Hills, Coatesville

* Countrywide Home Loans Servicing to Federal National Mortgage Association, 291 Jefferson Valley, Coatesville

* Warren Kent and Jane Ann Stierwalt to Buffy S. Wilkerson, Van Bibber Lakes Sections 61, 63, 65 and 67

* Sutton Funding to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., 304 Church St., Bainbridge

* Paul A. and Rebecca S. Hadley to Scott A. Spidel, Mill Springs Lot 22

* Gary E. II and Bethany J. Edwards to Jacque Bell, Jefferson Vally Lot 46

* Robert T. Poynter to Pamela A. Poynter, 8328 W. C.R. 450N, Greencastle

* Robert T. Poynter Jr. to Tiffany Poynter, 4402 N. C.R. 825W, Greencastle

* Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 4950 S. C.R. 600W, Greencastle

* John B. and Wendy M. Myers to Megan Kavanaugh, Jackson Boulevard Additions 54, 55 and 56

* Robert W. Cassell to Ronald B. Phelps, 84 Sandra Street, Cloverdale

* Larry and Lora J. Scott to Neal A. Nunaley, 1919 E. C.R. 1100N, Roachdale

* Christopher A. and Tammy J. Dean to Gary and Michelle Straber, C.R. 950S, Reelsville

* Stephen and Sharon Blaydes to Vernon Hendrickson, 4 E. Liberty St., Greencastle

* Robert C. and Carolyn S. Shoemaker to Bainbridge DG Properties LLC, 415 Pat Rady Way, Bainbridge

* Kelley Hall to Lucas S. and Sarah A. Morgan, 311 Elm St., Greencastle

* Darlene J. Farner to Kathryne A. Williams, 807 Draper St., Greencastle

* J. Shannon McCullough to Joel Daniel Pruitt, Jefferson Valley Lot 367

Marriage Licenses

The following marriage licenses were issued between April 1 and April 27:

* Jeremie Ross Burdge, 29, and Jessica Paige Sites, 26, both of Coatesville

* Nicholas L. Eastham, 29, and Marcella R. Nichols, 28, both of Greencastle

* Jeremy C. Malicoat, 32, and Laura Montelongo, 28, both of Greencastle

* Robert Daniel Cook III, 19 and Ashley Nicole McEvoy, 19, both of Reelsville

* John Ryan Plummer, 26, and Heather Brooke Burton, 22, both of Reelsville

* Michael Wayne Pierson, 21, and Lauren Marie McClain, 19, both of Greencastle

* Ryan Scott Johnson, 28, and Raenetta J. Scobee, 28, both of Cloverdale

* Isaiah Matthew Bowling, 21, and Joni Sue Guthrie, 22, both of Greencastle

* Tony G. Osborne, 56, of Cloverdale and Marsha T. Wells, 58, of Indianapolis

* Donald Joe Ball, 63, and Margaret A. Kelly, 65, both of Cloverdale

* Kenneth F. Weems, 45, and Rosemarie Londres Capendit, 35, both of Roachdale

* Timothy R. Hall, 39, of Greencastle and Denice E. Hall, 41, of Mooresville

* Kenneth Allen Kenworthy, 31, and Jessica Ann Bushong, 25, both of Fillmore

* Julian Jarvis, 74, of Greencastle and Arlene J. Faber, 69, of Sauk Village, Ill.

* Richard J. Davis Jr., 22, of Bainbridge and Cammy Leigh Price, 21, of Coatesville

* Charles M. Downing, 45, and Melinda S. Ellis, 32, both of Greencastle

* Joshua C. Luckhaupt, 20, of Harrison and Meredith Ann Miller, 20, of Greencastle

* James A. Redelman, 55, of Fillmore and Michele L. Rhodes, 46, of Indianapolis