HPS hosts Window restoration workshop

Monday, May 24, 2010
Jack Patchin with Ol' House Experts talks with Margaret Champion during a presentation on repairing historic windows at the Putnam County Museum hosted by the Heritage Preservation Society in honor of National Historic Preservation Month.

GREENCASTLE -- Saturday was a busy day around Greencastle for historic home buffs. The Heritage Preservation Society offered a hands-on windows workshop at the Putnam County Museum.

Presented by Jack Patchin and Rhonda Deeg with Ol' House Experts, attendees learned lots of new tricks for repairing old windows.

Greencastle resident Margaret Champion went into the presentation thinking she already had a lot of knowledge about repairing and replacing windows having done many in her own home. She says she came out of session with all kinds of new knowledge.

"I found out how I had been doing things wrong. So, I learned a lot. Paul and I didn't really know what we were doing last year when we worked on our house. We learned as we went along," said Champion.

Patchin and Deegs talked about the different types of material to use on different types of wood. They also discussed how important it is to use materials for which you are comfortable.

Participants also received ideas on how to look for problems. The experts showed how to put in new sash cords in a double hung window and how to strip a window with a heat lamp.

"Old really is better in a lot of ways," explained Champion. "Everybody is talking about going green. If you continue to use your old windows, that is greener than anything else you can do. If you replace them you are just adding to the landfill."

"The seminar was very informative. I don't think anyone left there without new information," said Champion, who hopes there will be enough interest to bring the presenters back for a longer presentation in the future.

Heritage Preservation Society President Phil Gick is hoping that Deegs and Patchin will offer some workshops for homeowners in the three areas of the city that may be added to the historic register.

"We may be able to have them back as we hold meetings for the homeowners in the three districts HPS is hoping to have named as historic neighborhoods on the national register," said Gick.

Patchin and Deegs say they are always available to answer questions. In fact, they are offering a free windows workshop where people will actually be working on a historic house with the Switzerland County Historical Society for two days.

Called a Conservators Holiday, it will take place on June 14 and 15. Visit the Ol' House Experts at their website www.olhouseexperts.net or call them at 812-292-6246. You can also e-mail them at preservationrj@yahoo.com.

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