Letter to the Editor

Don't leave garbage cans sitting out

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

Although we feel that the new cans are too colorful for words, and we realize that not everybody has a place back out of sight to put them, we are finding ease and convenience in using them.

We live on a main city street, in an older neighborhood. One set of neighbors up the street has never moved their cans from when they first were delivered. They are not sitting on the parking either, but were smack in the middle of the city sidewalk in front of their house.

In exasperation, as I was walking up the street the other day, I pushed and shoved them out of my way, one onto the parking and the other at least half off the sidewalk so that I could pass.

The cans are very unsightly left sitting in front of the houses, and leaving them on the city sidewalk is even worse. We would just like to remind people of this!

We have seen them permanently out front on neighborhood streets all over the city.

Ann M. Rambo