Letter to the Editor

Give Kids a Smile was great success

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

On April 30, my staff and I were able to provide some needed dental services to several children in the Putnam County area. Eighteen children received comprehensive dental care and were restored to as healthy a condition as possible. Those that were not able to be completed will be followed up on subsequent visits.

This belated event (delayed by a snow day in February) was only possible due to the hard work of several individuals. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Polly Shuee and Rita Bain, school nurses who helped recruit eligible children for the program, provided the paperwork and in the case of Mrs. Shuee, become a bus driver for the day. The support of the nursing staff by the county school administrators, principals of the elementary schools and the faculty was greatly appreciated. Thank you also to the Henry Schein Dental and the Colgate Co. for providing most of the health care kits that the children were sent home with.

We were grateful to Jenny Hutcheson and Chicago's Pizza for the great food that the children who were at the office through their lunch and the staff who worked through theirs could partake of. Thank you to all the children who were absolutely amazing to meet. Some had never had a dental experience but showed great bravery and trust. We appreciated the parents who allowed us the privilege of working with these fine young people.

Finally, thanks are in order for a great office staff volunteering their day and performing with the professionalism and enthusiasm that I am spoiled by. Thanks to Carrie, Grace, Amanda, Leslie, Kim, Heather and my better half, Cindy, for providing a wonderful day in Greencastle.

Thanks to all.

John D. Hennette, D.D.S.

Greencastle Pediatric Dentistry