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'All are winners' at 4-H Fair Pretty Baby Contest Sunday

Monday, July 19, 2010

Three-year-old Kendal Treadwell of Greencastle won her division at the 2010 Putnam County Fair Pretty Baby Contest Sunday. Kendal is the daughter of Paul and Rebecca Treadwell. [Order this photo]
GREENCASTLE -- With the official opening of the 2010 Putnam County 4-H Fair not coming until the parade later this week, the fairgrounds were already abuzz with action on Saturday and Sunday, with a number of pre-fair events and awards.

But of course, the most important question of the weekend wasn't "Who won the queen contest?" It was "Who are the prettiest babies in the county?"

Three judges had the unenviable task of choosing the winners of this year's Pretty Baby Contest Sunday evening at the Community Building. Ninety contestants across 12 groups vied for first and second place trophies, as well as the titles of best hair, brightest eyes and prettiest smile.

Master of ceremonies Jeff Rich said he has served in his current capacity for a number of years, but would never want the task of being a judge.

"We all know they're all winners," Rich said.

Contest director Heather Poynter got the job of running the show as sort of a last minute thing, but the show went off without a hitch with her at the helm. However, she preferred to give the credit to everyone involved.

"It went smooth," Poynter said. "Jeff did a fantastic job. I think we had a great turnout."

This was the first year for the baby contest to be part of pre-fair activities, having taken place on the last Saturday of the fair in the past. The move was made to get more involvement.

The winners of the 2010 Putnam County Fair Pretty Baby Contest:

Landen Boller placed second in the 1-year-old boys division at the Pretty Baby Contest.
* Girls 0-6 months: 1st-Reese Query, Greencastle, parents Ashton and Jerrett Query; 2nd-Lillyann Sykes, Fillmore, Brittney Church and Matthew Sykes; Hair-Izabella Glaze, Fillmore, Chad and Holly Glaze; Eyes-Avery Thompson, Greencastle, Brittney Thompson; Smile-Lillian Marie Perkins, Greencastle, Rian and Heather Perkins

* Boys 0-6 months: 1st-Brody Lee Hughes-Greencastle, Michael Hughes and Robin Burton; 2nd-Colt Campbell-Greencastle, Duane and Tara Campbell; Hair-Evan Michael Mann, Cloverdale, Brittany Kammerer and Ryan Mann; Eyes-Jackson Fry, Roachdale, Sam and Renee Fry; Smile-Trenton Campbell, Seth and Ricki Campbell

* Girls 7-12 months: 1st-Brinley Judy, Greencastle, Justin and Kristin Judy; 2nd-Kinzlee Cline, Cloverdale, Emily Hutcheson and Casey Cline; Hair-Eva Shannon, Greencastle, Jamie Parman; Eyes-Elliana Cox, Cloverdale, Jande Cox; Smile-Chloe Renee Brickert, Greencastle, Crystal and Kevin Brickert

* Boys 7-12 months: 1st-Landon Bundy, Greencastle, Destiny Saul and Brett Bundy; 2nd-Kyden Jessup, Cloverdale, Ashley Mattingly; Hair-Try Dorsett, Greencastle, Amanda and Cody Dorsett; Eyes-Cayden Hackney, Greencastle, Kaylyn and Brandon Hackney; Smile-Traice King, Greencastle, Erin and Gary King

* Girls 1 year: 1st-Bryleigh Smith, Greencastle, Steve Smith; 2nd-Kierstyn Ronan, Coatesville, Shane and Jeslyn Ronan; Hair-Sophia Blanton, Greencastle, Chris Blanton and Melinda Short; Eyes-Shalyn Bright, Greencastle, Angela Nobles and Jeff Bright; Smile-Kimberlyn Treadwell, Greencastle, Paul and Rebecca Treadwell

* Boys 1 year: 1st-Colton James Sprinkle, Fillmore, James and Lindsey Sprinkle; 2nd-Landen Boller, Greencastle, Michael and Anita Boller; Hair-Jace Dylan Flater, Coatesville, Josh and Jen Flater; Eyes-Elijah Frank, Greencastle, Rob and Dessa Frank

* Girls 2 years: 1st-Jana Allyson Flater, Coatesville, Josh and Jen Flater; 2nd-Trinity Jaylnn Lou Inglert, Greencastle, Jason and Tiffany Inglert; Hair-Bailee Turner, Cloverdale, Melissa and Tyler Turner; Eyes-Madalynn Sanford, Fillmore, Elise Sanford; Smile-Hallie Homler, Greencastle, Valarie Serviss and Clayton Homler

* Boys 2 years: 1st-Lane Collins, Fillmore, Andria Collins; 2nd-Brady Kinkead, Bainbridge, Shannon and Jeremy Kinkead; Hair-Bransyn Hamley, Coatesville, Shannon and Jeremy Hamley; Eyes-Jayce Allen Monnett, Coatesville, Jason and Brandi Monnett; Smile-Brayden Warren, Greencastle, Heather and Brandon Warren

* Girls 3 years: 1st-Kendal Treadwell, Greencastle, Paul and Rebecca Treadwell; 2nd-Taryn Collins, Eillmore, Andria Collins; Hair-Raegan Leonard, Greencastle, Miranda Leonard and Dustin Weddle; Eyes-Bailey Renae Fielding, Reelsville, Kristina and Christopher Fielding; Smile-Kelsey Dilley, Cloverdale, David and Trista Dilley

* Boys 3 years: 1st, Smile-Trenon Bright, Greencastle, Angela Nobles and Jeff Bright; 2nd, Hair, Eyes-Wyatt James McKinney, Greencastle, Angela McKinney

* Girls 4 years: 1st, Hair-Taylor Golden, Greencastle, Jessica Denney; 2nd-Bailey Kay Brickert, Greencastle, Crystal and Kevin Brickert; Eyes-Josie Summers, Greencastle, Janelle and Randy Summers; Smile-Emily Huff, Greencastle, Darren and Angela Huff

* Boys 4 years: 1st, 2nd, Hair, Eyes, Smile-Barrett Turner, Cloverdale, Melissa and Tyler Turner

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