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Public Record, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

The following were filed Aug. 12-18 in the Putnam County Courts:

Criminal Cases

* Matthew A. Ledbetter, 27, Class D felony operating a vehicle after a license suspension.

* William A. Grogan, 33, Class C felony possession of a controlled substance, Class D felony unlawful possession of a syringe and Class A misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia.

* James C. Eiseman Jr., 24, Class C felony burglary, Class D felony theft.

* Jose A. Martinez, 29, Class C misdemeanor operating a vehicle without ever having received a license.

* Timothy L. Miller, 40, Class D felonies arson and criminal mischief.

* Michael Wade Davis, Class A misdemeanor unauthorized absence from home detention.

* Jeffrey R. Hill, 53, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Christopher L. Sage, 23, Class D felony auto theft.

* Bryan E. Fourman, 45, Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended.

* Robert M. Noble, 39, Class B misdemeanor harassment.

* Christopher L. Sage, 23, Class D felonies theft and check fraud.

* Michael H. Richardson, 22, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated and Class A misdemeanors operating a vehicle with at least .15 grams of alcohol in .210 liters of breath and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person.

* William P. Fowler, 26, Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated and Class A misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle with at least .15 grams of alcohol in .210 liters of breath.

* Billy J. Swimm, Class B misdemeanors public intoxication and criminal mischief.

Citations and Infractions

* Russell Herbert, speeding

* Steven Kenworthy, child restraint and seat belt violations

* Melissa Turner, seat belt violation

* A. Sult, seat belt violation

* Kathy Sparks, seat belt violation

* Amber Rasmusson, seat belt violation

* Dale Huber, seat belt violation

* Jackie Hammer, seat belt violation

* Jerry Gamblin, seat belt violation

* Jesse James, speeding

* Nolan Earley, speeding

* Laura Shearn, speeding

* Derrick Stanley, seat belt violation

* Kendra Skivrin, seat belt violation

* Jacob Alexander, seat belt violation

* Marey Young, speeding

* Jamie Parman, driving while suspended

* Daniel Davis Jr., speeding

* Richard Germar, driving while suspended

* Katherine Hill, seat belt violation

* Brian Crockett, failure to have required number of personal floatation devices

* Derek Long, speeding

* Adam Myers, speeding

* Devin Myers, probationary license violation

* Michael Brennan, seat belt violation

* Michael Martin, failure to have required number of personal floatation devices

* Khasria Sing, unsafe lane change

* Ronald Dearing II, non-safety conservation violation

* Tyde Frederick, non-safety conservation violation

* Jason Ridgway, operating an ATV on a roadway

* Chad Wheeler, failure to have required number of personal floatation devices

* Anthony Felicjian, seat belt violation

* Howard Dickerson, seat belt violation

* Charles Craig, exceeding rural interstate speed limits

* Jackie Melvin II, seat belt violation

* William McKinney, seat belt violation

* Jennifer Harvey, exceeding rural interstate speed limits

* Gail Partington, following too closely

* Gurmeet Singh, unsafe lane change

* Richard Thompson, seat belt violation

* Karon Thompson, seat belt violation

* Gloria Farley, seat belt violation

* Larry Farley, false or fictitious registration, child restraint and seat belt violations

* Julie Smith, seat belt violation

* Julie Nast, seat belt violation

* Brenda Coley, speeding

* Christ Wood, seat belt violation

* Gregory Bennett, seat belt violation

* Richard Swafford, seat belt violation

* Sue Swafford, seat belt violation

Mortgage Foreclosures

* JP Morgan vs. Kenneth H. Brewer

* Citifinancial vs. Charles S. Holland

Civil Claims

* NCOP Capital vs. Brandi L. Callahan

* Target National vs. James W. Ashcraft

* Discover Bank vs. Edwin Travelstead

* North Star Capital vs. Walter L. Neal

* Palisades Acquisition vs. Stephen C. Land

* LVNV Funding vs. Heather Boutwell

* Palisades Collection vs. Ava J. Branham

* Midland Funding vs. Elaine Langley

* Portfolio Recovery vs. Candy L. Blackmore

* Communitywide Federal vs. Randy Howard

* American Express vs. Stephanie Dunn

* Discover Bank vs. Rachelle Meyer

Small Claims

* Castlebury Apartments vs. Casey Finley

* Dan Detro vs. Liberty Inc.

* Judy Tobin vs. Jennifer Fikes

Civil Tort

* Charlene and Fayne Custis vs. Christopher M. McGuff

* Karen Dilcher vs. Linett Co. Inc.

Civil Plenary

* Tyler L. Frye vs. Estep & Co. Inc.

Reciprocal Support

* Megan J. Gainor vs. Chris R. Gainor


* Heschel H. Bullerdick

* Portia Crabtree

Marriage Licenses

* Brett A. Wagner, 28 and Lindsay Rose Fisher, 25, both of Greencastle

* Nicholas Cole Pennington, 30 and Alison Brooke Inman, 31, both of Cloverdale

* George CB McDermit, 23 and Kayla Diane Bumgardner, 22, both of Greencastle

* Kevin M. Metz, 24, of Greencastle and Emily Anne Parks, 23, of Cloverdale


* John Burkhart from Jennifer Burkhart

* Angela Adams from James Adams Jr.