Sentencing dates set for both Crowe, Pryor

Friday, August 20, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- Plea agreements have been taken under advisement for two Greencastle teens who were involved in an April shooting incident.

Keven Dale Crowe, 19, and Michael Scott Pryor, 18, were in Putnam County Circuit Court Thursday for pretrial conferences. The pair were facing identical charges stemming from two separate incidents: Class B felony burglary and Class D felony theft charges connected to an April 4 burglary at a Coatesville residence and Class C felony assisting a criminal and Class D felonies criminal recklessness and receiving stolen property as a result of a joyride and shooting spree that occurred a day later.


Crowe and Pryor were arrested April 7 along with Justin Hargrove, 24, and Lacey Couch, 23.

Under the terms of the plea agreements, Pryor pled guilty to the criminal recklessness charge and the burglary charge. Crowe admitted to the burglary and theft charges.

Both agreements cap executed sentences for the defendants at six years. Crowe and Pryor also, by entering into the agreements, agreed to "testify truthfully against any and all co-defendants at any hearings, depositions or trials," as well as to give recorded statements to the prosecutor's office.


Judge Matt Headley set sentencing dates for Crowe and Pryor for Sept. 30.

On April 5, several calls reporting shots fired in the area of Walnut Street in Greencastle came into Putnam County Dispatch just before 2 a.m. One caller was able to give dispatchers a description of the car from which the shots were being fired.

Just after 2 a.m., Putnam County Sheriff's Department Reserve Deputy Matt Biggs saw a vehicle matching the description of the shooter's vehicle at the intersection of Bloomington and Washington streets. Biggs began driving behind the vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop at the intersection of Franklin and Durham streets.

At that point, court records alleged Hargrove exited the vehicle and fired approximately two or three rounds at Biggs' police vehicle. One round struck the police vehicle's hood and ricocheted into the windshield.

Biggs was not injured.

A manhunt for the shooters commenced, and Greencastle Schools were closed for the day.

Crowe and Pryor admitted in court Thursday that on April 4, they stole a rifle, two handguns and ammunition from a Coatesville residence, and that those items were used in the shooting incident.

Pryor and Crowe both told the court that they had been sitting in the back seat of the car. They also both said Couch was driving and that Hargrove had fired the rifle at Biggs.

Crowe told the court Hargrove had tried to get him to say that it had been Pryor who shot at the officer. He also said he had been friends with the person from which he and Pryor had stolen the guns, and that he used to live in the house from which he stole them.

Tongret asked Crowe if he had any idea that Hargrove would shoot at anyone.

"No sir," he said. "We were just along for the ride at that point."

Hargrove, who faces several charges including Class A felony attempted murder, was also in court Thursday for a pretrial conference. His trial date had been set for Sept. 8 and his lawyer, Sidney Tongret, requested more time to prepare.

"The state just filed a witness list with the co-defendants added," Tongret said. "I would like the opportunity to depose them."

Headley granted Tongret's request, setting a Jan. 12 trial date and a Dec. 16 final pretrial conference.

A plea agreement for Couch was presented in July. She pled guilty to Class D felonies resisting law enforcement and neglect of a dependent and is to be sentenced Sept. 9.

If Headley accepts Couch's plea agreement, charges against her of Class C felony assisting a criminal and Class D felonies receiving stolen property and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon will be dismissed.

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