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South Putnam scores wins over LCA and Cloverdale

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREENCASTLE -- Intense heat was the name of the game as South Putnam hosted Cloverdale and Lighthouse Christian in a three-way cross country meet Monday evening.

The hosts won both the boys' and girls' races, with the Eagles snagging five of the top seven spots on the boy's side. South's girl's squad fielded the only full team available.

The near 90 degree temperature was a major influence on times for all the racers on the course. South Putnam took first, third, fifth, sixth and seventh on the boys' side while the girls' fielded a full squad to win the race.

It was a run that head coaches Brian Gardner and Elaine Bye would like to have seen better results from.

"We have to be happy because we were the only complete team so we got another win," Bye said. "What can you say? It was hot. The girls were out there. It wasn't their best performance. They did a great job even though some of them are hurting."

"Our times were not actually as good as they've been. They've kind of gotten used to the cooler weather there and then you get heat back on top of them and it tends to slow down times. Overall, I thought we competed and ran hard," Gardner added.

Cloverdale head coach Katie Mosley's day was a bit more hectic.

"It went OK. Didn't find out until 11:30 this morning that we even had a meet. The kids didn't know it was the night before a race, so they didn't hydrate. They didn't eat right. The meet was a surprise. I can't say anything negative."

The Clover girls took three of the top four spots, but are still waiting for a full squad. The wait for runner Sydney Shrum has a minor hurdle to get over.

"[Shrum] is a great golfer and advanced to regionals. I'm extremely happy for her. Right now the girls are going to have to do things on an individual level until who knows. I don't know if she would have come back after today," Mosley said when asked about Shrum and Monday potentially being her first meet.

"I'm trying to think of it as a positive. Definitely not good times at all today. However, given the circumstances, it might work out."

At South Putnam

Boys: South Putnam 22, Lighthouse Christian 53, Cloverdale 59

Girls: South Putnam 29

Individual Results


1. Arnold (SP) 18:49; 2. Rumley (CL) 19:35; 3. Hunter Barr (SP) 19:48; 4. Seifers (LC) 19:53; 5. Cavel (SP) 20:18; 6. Lund (SP) 20:53; 7. Tanner Barr (SP) 20:55; 8. Widener (LC) 20:56; 9. Pyclik (LC) 21:18; 10. Workman (SP) 21:20; 12. Nees (CL) 21:42; 15. Whitlock (CL) 22:28; 18. Cupp (CL) 23:23; 19. Worthington (CL) 24:11


1. Nally (CL) 24:22; 2. Monnett (CL) 24:57; 3. Glaze (SP) 26:01; 4. Routh (CL) 26:11; 5. Guthrie (SP) 26:41; 6. Varvel (SP) 27:09; 7. Beasley (SP) 28:44; 8. Mariah Cherry (SP) 28:36