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Public Record Sept. 25

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The following were filed Sept. 17-22 in the Putnam County Courts:

Criminal Cases

* Nicholas A. Bright, 21, Class B felonies burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary and Class D felonies theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

* Christopher Snow, Class B misdemeanor harassment (two counts).

* Kimberly D. Eldridge, 41, Class B misdemeanors public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

* Jesse Bright, 18, Class B felonies burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary and Class D felonies theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

* John H. Veltry, 42, Class B misdemeanor battery.

* Daniel R. Sanders, 31, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy.

* Amy D. Hutcheson, 35, Class D felony domestic battery.

* Brian K, Dixie, 33, Class D felony domestic battery.

* Paul Treadwell Jr., 39, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury.

* Arthur L. Wells, 41, Class B misdemeanor reckless driving.

* Ray Childers, 54, Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

* Robert K. Bussing, 46, Class B misdemeanor public intoxication.

* Sylvia M. Haynes, 33, Class A misdemeanor conversion.

Citations and Infractions

* Catherine Ross, speeding

* Sara Sanders, speeding

* Delight Schubert, speeding

* Larry Shipman, speeding

* Mark Peabody, seat belt violation

* Kenneth Martin, violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

* Bradley Rumley, seat belt violation

* Brennan Martin, disregarding stop sign

* David Goecke, exceeding rural interstate speed limit

* Lindsey Walker, seat belt violation

* Lisa Moore, speeding

* Louis Schmitt, speeding

* Mary Swards, speeding

* Virginia Boyce, speeding

* Crystal Kyker, speeding

* Scott Gigure, seat belt violation

* Daniel Lankford, speeding

* Jesse Mack, seat belt violation

* Carl Manuel, seat belt violation

* Jessica Newton, exceeding rural interstate speed limits

* Kevin Noe, speeding

* Joel Ruedlinger, speeding

* Saan Sexton, speeding

* Jeanette Simpson, speeding

* James Turpen, speeding

* Logan Watkins, speeding

* Teresa Wallen, driving while suspended

* Keith Allen, speeding

* Brandon Johnson, speeding

* Stephanie Morin, speeding

* Angel Stidd, disregarding traffic control device

* Alex Gaston, seat belt violation

* Janelle Metz, seat belt violation

* Brett Scheuerman, seat belt violation

* Devon Reed, seat belt violation

* Jaime Hardon, speeding

* David Hasselbeck, speeding

* Dickson Agbehi, speeding

* Jeffery Althouse, speeding

* Briana Anderson, speeding

* John Byrd, seat belt violation

* Archie Ellis, speeding

* Kristina Anderson, speeding

* April Brooks, no operator's license when required

* Britney Glaser, learner's permit violation

* Chesea McCollum, speeding

* Edward Epperson Jr., seat belt violation

* Robert Fisher, seat belt violation

* John Gaines, speeding

* Willis Yeager, speeding

* Susan Felgenauer, speeding

* Scott Hunt, speeding

* Towayne Wilson, driving while suspended

* Tanner Morris, speeding

* Aerin Allbrook, speeding

* Jennifer Buchanan, seat belt violation

* Sandra Coffman, seat belt violation

* James Crane, seat belt violation

* Laura Overton, disregarding traffic control device

* Brandon Parker, seat belt violation

* Scott Carter, speeding

* Thomas Fitzpatrick, seat belt

* Mike Phillips, speeding

*Tammy Hinton. Improper turn at intersection

* Corey Gregory, speeding

* Brenda Long, speeding

* James McGaughey, seat belt violation

* Dawn Stoltey, seat belt violation

* Michael Wadley, speeding

* Robert Horton, speeding

* Timothy Mattern, speeding

* Marky Deady, speeding

* Don Miller, speeding

Mortgage Foreclosures

* BAC Home Loans vs. Louis J. Fontaine

* Wells Fargo vs. Stephen A. Smith

* PNC Mortgage vs. Lewis B. Crowe Jr.

* BAC Home Loans vs. Fred A. Robinson

Civil Plenary

* J. Frank Durham vs. Mike VanPelt

Small Claims

* Charles Hall vs. Ashley Little

* Jeffrey A. Bogess vs. Peter Wilson

* Anthony Phipps vs. Julue Demaree

* Chrissy Jones vs. Lodell Gibson

* Dave Minniear vs. Jaclyn Anderson

* Smiley's Heating vs. Aaron Allee

Civil Claims

* Ally Financial Inc. vs. Charles R. Land

* Equable Ascent vs. Kristine Homler

* Atlantic Credit vs. Kristie M. Hyten

* Precision Recovery vs. Joey W. Southgate


* Susan M. Darby-Cord

* Woodrow V. Garner

Marriage Licenses

* Anthony P. Buis and Chelsa Leigh Cook, both of Greencastle


* Aaron D. Cox from Wendy J. Cox

*Susan A. Wainman from Stephen A. Wainman Jr.

* Cammy Leigh Pierce-Davis from Richard James David Jr.