Letter to the Editor

Missing golden retriever found dead

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This letter follows a story that ran in the Sept. 29, 2010 edition of the Banner Graphic about a show quality Golden Retriever, Rose, that went missing in the Cloverdale area. A $1,000 reward was offered for her return.

To the Editor:

Rose was found dead along 231 about half a mile south of the Owen-Putnam County line.

A gentleman saw her alongside the road and went back to check, and it was her.

The person who hit her did not call.

She had not been dead too long, and looked as if she was instantly killed but not marred or mangled.

He was crying his eyes out, as he was in such hopes of finding her for us. He said he didn't want the money, just for her to be home.

I cannot tell you how wonderful the people have been in the Cataract and Southern Cloverdale area. I think the crowds scared her away from Cataract, where she was safer and seen numerous times. We did see her on Sunday near the area where she was killed, but only from a far distance and she did not come to us or to the owner.

We just want to say how thankful we are for the wonderful community spirit of the people who tried to find Rose and get her home. We are blessed by compassionate neighbors.

I have met many people in the area who were kind and thoughtful. Only one person was ugly with the rescue hound people.

I pray that John will forget that and just remember the kindness of all who tried to find Rose.

We and the Tibbs family are very grateful to all who helped search for and who reported sighting Rose, and all the many people who kept us all in their prayers.

Thank you.

Marcia Gould