Letter to the Editor

Speak Outs for Oct. 6

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road improvements may not last

Lots of money was spent on Albin Pond Road this summer. The approach to Arlington Street and Albin Pond Road off Houck Road is terrible. After all, it is a city street and has been for years. After all the big truck loads on it this summer, it will be a surprise if it holds up this winter.

A child almost got hit crossing from the apartments to the church last week. It is posted 30 mph, but most drivers think it says 50.

I will sure miss all the beautiful trees you ripped out making a pathway.

Speed limit is too fast

Just north of 42 on S.R. 231 leading into Cloverdale is posted 50 mph -- this is just too fast. There are two businesses, apartments and the city park.

You'll say the entrance to the park is not on 231, but people from the apartments cross to go there.

The accident that happened Sept. 23 was really due to the speed limit on this road. Drivers take chances because you can hardly get on and off. Fifty means "go 60" to the greatest part of the drivers.

Chivalry is not dead

My heartfelt thanks to the two young gents who repaired a flat tire Monday eve for a grateful senior citizen in the Kroger parking lot.