GHS races to second place finish at sectional

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
GHS runner Paige Pickens and her Tiger Cubs teammates advanced to regional after placing second.

GREENCASTLE -- Greencastle saw that it's girl's cross country season would extend to the Ben Davis regional after placing second at the South Putnam sectional.

Colleen Weatherford paced the Tiger Cubs with an eighth place finish. Greencastle had five runners within the top 25 to edge out Avon by a single team point and Brownsburg by five points.

Greencastle coach Garry Anderson was pumped about the second place finish.

"Boy was it exciting! The girls were really pumped and did well throughout the line-up. As in the conference, we were able to pack well with our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th runner," Anderson wrote.

"I think the heat of the day was somewhat bothersome for the girls race. Some of ours were a little taken back by the heat at the end of the race. According to the weatherman, the races on Saturday for the regional should be much cooler," Anderson mentioned.

Anderson also noted exactly how good the performance was.

"By the way, I've checked the records and this is the highest any Greencastle girls team has ever placed in cross country. This is especially exciting when you consider the caliber of the competition."

"We knew going in that we had a shot at 4th and maybe 3rd, but to finish 2nd is really something. Hopefully we can put together enough tough running in the regional to make it into the semi-state."

Cloverdale and North Putnam will also send runners to the regional competition this Saturday. Sophomores Claudia Monnett and Katie Douglass finished 13th and 14th respectively to earn the honor of moving on in the competition, something that delighted both of their head coaches.

"Katie had a great race and placed fourteenth. She was very excited about it. Paxton, I know she wanted to get out, but out of anyone I've ever had running she's put the most into it. She ended a great senior season. Whitney [High] also ended a great season, consistent runners," Lutes said about his running trio.

"Unfortunately, we still didn't have a full team for the end of the season," Lutes lamented.

"She (Monnett) was pretty consistent throughout the whole race. She was so determined today. I'm very proud of her," Cloverdale head coach Katie Mosley said about Monnett. "She wanted it badly. She was nervous all day and she went out there and did her best."

"They did okay. Nikki, she ran a good strong race and so did Cheryl. Amillia was a little disappointing. It was a tough season for her and I hope she rests up and comes back rejuvenated next season," Mosley added.

Mallory Glaze was the high finisher for host South Putnam on the day, recording a 39th place finish but taking in the challenge of racing at a sectional, according to Eagle coach Elaine Bye.

"The girls went out and did a good job. I think Mallory, as a freshman, was excited but nervous to be running in a sectional meet. They all went out and tried hard but we didn't place as high as I think we could have. "

"Overall, it was great. In the girls, I saw improvement over the whole season. They had a good time, they worked hard and it was a lot of fun. I'm proud that we won the Clay City Invitational and came in second in county and third in conference."

At South Putnam

Team Scores (Top 5 teams advance to Ben Davis Regional)

Plainfield 40, Greencastle 80, Avon 81, Brownsburg 85, Danville 121, Tri-West 149, Southmont 155, South Putnam 235, Western Boone 262 (Bethesda Christian, Cascade, Cloverdale, Crawfordsville, North Putnam, Rockville - INC)

Individual Results (Top 15 advance to Ben Davis Regional)

1. Kylie Lippencott (SM) 19:42; 2. Kylie Cason (P) 19:49; 3. Markella Taivalkoski (P) 20:02; 4. Taylor Smith (A) 20:19; 5. Lauren Callahan (D) 20:25; 6. Jesse McNealy (A) 20:28; 7. Carissa Damler (B) 20:40; 8. Colleen Weatherford (G) 20:41; 9. Veronica Goduto (B) 20:44; 10. Amanda Hoffman (P) 20:45; 11. Sara Hussey (TW) 20:51; 12. Abbe Allison (P) 20:55; 13. Claudia Monnett (CL) 20:56; 14. Katie Douglas (NP) 20:58; 15. Mady Haden (P) 21:10

16. Kayla Cash (G) 21:18; 20. Abigail Wilson (G) 21:29; 21. Emily Gill (G) 21:50; 23. Paige Pickens (G) 22:00; 26. Paxton Stephenson (NP) 22:13; 39. Mallory Glaze (SP) 23:11; 43. Megan Haynes (G)23:23; 46. Amillia Nally (CL) 23:37; 49. Ashley Routh (CL) 23:51; 51. Cheyenne Fauvergue (G) 23:58; 57. Allison Guthrie (SP) 24:56; 61. Whitney High (NP)25:16; 63. Miriah Cherry (SP) 25:36.95; 64. Mattie Varvel (SP) 26:15; 66. Lyndsie Beasley (SP) 26:42; 68. Cheryl Dean (CL) 27:08; 69. Mikayla Cherry (SP) 27:11