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North Putnam bows out of sectional

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

North Putnam junior Jaclyn Davidson battles a Tri-West player during Tuesday's sectional contest at Brownsburg. [Order this photo]
BROWNSBURG -- The North Putnam girls' soccer team staved off a Tri-West squad for the first 16-minutes, but once the first goals was netted, the Bruins didn't look back.

In fact, the first goal was a point of concern for North Putnam head coach Willie Gaskins. After a called handball on the Cougars, the referee proceed to explain to members of the North Putnam the call. In the meantime, Hannah Stroup placed the ball and kicked it past a non-moving Maggie Pinney in goal.

Gaskins didn't argue the call, but thought the fact the Bruin kicker was able to shoot while his defense was listening an explanation wasn't fair for his team.

"That first goal really, I think, broke it. Of course, in my opinion I don't think it should have been a goal, but that breaks the ice and then it's just a matter of time," Gaskins said.

The single goal opened the proverbial floodgates. The Bruins went on to score four more goals on 27 total shots in the first half to lead 5-0 at the half.

The Cougars received a scare when Pinney hit the turf after twisting in an attempt to make a save. The junior came out of the game with 1:24, but return after the half.

A big factor that began to reveal itself was the fact Tri-West was able to sub in fresh legs, while the Cougars could not.

"Only having 12 going against a team that probably has double that -- we do what we can and see how long we can last. The girls are in good shape, but anybody after 80 straight minutes of play is going to break and wear down at some point and time," Gaskins said.

In the second half, Tri-West added seven additional goals and Pinney was sent back to the bench after reaggravating her injury. According to Gaskins, he was proud of his team effort in spite of the loss. He also said the team had been fighting a cold bug and injuries they received during the season.

"I actually have three girls that are sick with something and then injuries are still healing from the season, so we brought what we could out," Gaskins said. "We did our best, the scored doesn't show it, but we did. We played the pretty hard at least that first half. They didn't score until probably 15 or 20 minutes to go.

"We held them for at least 20 to 25 minutes in that first half which is extremely good considering our numbers and they're subbing every 10 minutes with five fresh sets of legs. I was proud of that fact," he added.

The Cougars had a couple nice breakaways, but were unable to record any shots on goal. Gaskins said his girls gave all they had and that made him proud.

"They gave all they had left in the tank. If it wasn't empty, it was empty after that," he said.

Gaskins also commended his defense in a game that saw the Bruins fire a total of 37 shots.

"Excellent job to Maggie Pinney and Rachel Kientz both being in the goal and my defense. It was just phenomenal," Gaskins said.

At Brownsburg

Brownsburg Girls Soccer Sectional

Tri-West 5 7 -- 12

North Putnam 0 0 -- 0

First Half

TW -- Stroup 16:00

TW -- Ellingwood 5:18

TW -- Brandkamp 2:13

TW -- Edwards 1:55

TW -- Brandkamp 1:24

Second Half

TW -- Brandkamp 35:15

TW -- Tri-West 33:40

TW -- Pfeifer 28:48

TW -- Brown 14:32

TW -- Edwards 8:45

TW -- Edwards 7:16

TW -- Brown :19