Letter to the Editor

Vaccines are a choice, not a requirement

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To the editor:

This past weekend, we received a disturbing automated voice message from the Greencastle School Corp. stating that the Indiana Board of Education mandates that students must be up to date on their vaccinations before Oct.18 in order to continue in school.

Since when does the school, state, federal government or any institution have the right to threaten your child's enrollment in school if they are not injected with vaccines that you are opposed to?

Never mind the fact that vaccines contain toxic chemicals. That's a debate for another day.

The issue here is about personal freedom and a right to choose what goes into your child's body.

We are led to believe that vaccines are safe and prevent outbreaks of disease and pandemics like the H1N1 virus -- a.k.a. swine flu -- a pandemic that was hyped to be a global killer in order to push the vaccine.

If the medical community, government, schools, etc., are so certain that vaccines actually work, then why should they worry about those who do not get vaccinated, since those who do choose to get vaccinated are protected from the disease or virus, right?

Parents are not told that Indiana allows medical and religious exemptions from vaccinations. Why is that? Instead of vaccinations, why doesn't the medical community focus on building a healthy autoimmune system naturally, the way God intended?

The answer is because there is no money in it. Vaccinations are a multi-billion dollar industry while fear, threats and misinformation are used to persuade the public to blindly allow their children to be injected with a toxic cocktail.

I urge parents to do the research for yourself and make your own decision. Do not blindly follow the masses or the "institutions."

Your personal freedom is at stake. Think for yourself and make an informed decision.

Mike Semak