Letter to the Editor

Abandonment of dogs is deplorable

Friday, October 22, 2010

To the Editor:

Yesterday my younger son found two dumped dogs just west of Heritage Lake. The female lab mix had obviously had puppies and besides being swollen looks to be nearly starved to death. She may not survive. A bag of dead puppies was found nearby. She did not want to leave them.

The other dog is a very cute yorkie/collie/dachshund mix. It might have been a later dumpee.

This happens all the time. I know; I have placed over 50 pets that were dumped in my neck of the woods, so these kind of creepy people are all over -- your neighbors, your family, your friends.

If you know someone who does this, call them out on it, let them know you know it and think it is deplorable. Do you want someone that can do this watching your kids? Grandkids? Teaching by example that it is OK and passing this behavior on? It is cruel and illegal.

Don't take on pets you cannot or will not care for. Have them fixed -- if you shop around it is not that expensive. Take just a bit of your vacation, entertainment, home improvement, etc., etc. Money and get your pets spayed/neutered.

Pets are not creatures of "convenience." Be humane to them!

Diana Robinson

North Salem