Letter to the Editor

Obama has hijacked Democratic Party

Friday, November 5, 2010

To the Editor:

The citizens of the United States of America are faced with a dilemma this year.

Our president was elected based upon his promise of change. Few realized what his idea of change included.

For the most part, the Democratic Party leaders did not investigate his background thoroughly, or if they did, they overlooked certain aspects of his education and training that departs from the Democratic Party of the past.

Obama's close associates, for years, have been individuals who are not supportive of the United States of America, as a republic, and as a country under the Constitution. He has installed his like-minded associates in many positions within our government. He has not even provided his birth certificate to prove his eligibility to be a president of our country.

If it proves he meets the qualifications to be a president, why is he reluctant to show it? Especially when we have to show ours, just to get a driver's license?

On the other hand, the leaders of the Republican Party, over the last few years, did not shine the light on Obama's associates and background when he was running for office.

They had ample opportunity to bring all this out during the campaign, but failed to do so for one reason or another.

When one listens to all the data surrounding his ideas of "change," we are now at a crucial time in the life of our form of government. We are at a time when we stand to lose all the liberties that thousands of our family members fought and died to protect.

He has hijacked the Democratic Party, and is using it as a footstool to accomplish his personal goal of taking this country into a socialist- communist style of government.

Another sad element in this scenario is the fact that the news media, who should be our guardians of liberty, for the most part, have become the mouthpiece for those who will eventually do away with our longstanding "free press."

This generation will be remembered as those who stepped up to preserve the union -- or as those who gave it away!

Richard Taylor