Letter to the Editor

Table Talk to continue 'Lunch with Santa'

Friday, November 26, 2010

To the Editor:

Table Talk Ministries has lost a couple of fundraising volunteers over this past weekend, and there may be some confusion as to whether or not the "Lunch with Santa" will still be hosted by Table Talk Ministries.

I am here to assure those who look forward to this annual event that Table Talk Foundation for Better Living Inc. (Table Talk Ministries) holds the Indiana State registered trademark for "Lunch with Santa," and it will continue to be a Putnam County tradition as long as it is a legal holding of Table Talk.

We may have lost a few people, but we have already put an excellent team in place to make sure the children of Putnam County will have a great time and that the event will go on uninterrupted.

I would also like to say to our sponsors who have made the "Lunch with Santa" event a success, thank you, and I would encourage you all to come down to the event on Dec.18 and see what a difference you are helping to make in the lives of these kids who otherwise might not have a Christmas at all.

As these two folks move out from Table Talk Ministries, we wish them well and we welcome the new team to help make this event grow exponentially.

We must remember that our goal is to serve God by serving the children. Table Talk Ministries maintains its integrity, and anything short of honest coordinated teamwork in an effort to serve our clients to our utmost ability will not be tolerated.

The financial books of Table Talk Ministries are published on our Web site. I will be happy to answer questions concerning "Lunch with Santa" or any other aspect of the Table Talk Ministries family.

Bill Hutson

Founder and President

Table Talk Foundation for Better Living Inc.