Letter to the Editor

Speak Out for Dec. 31

Friday, December 31, 2010

Enough is enough -- it is time to get rid of the Good Old Boys here in Putnam County and get people who know how to manage a road program.

For the last few years I have seen the road deteriorate more and more each year. And all I see is band-aids that fix problem for a short time or make it worse, road crews sleeping in trucks for hours at a time.

Roads that the snow is removed to expose pure ice is stupid. For the last few weeks county roads have been skating rinks they plow the snow to the side and not put anything down to get rid of the ice not even a shovel full of sand or salt to help solve the problem. This has been going on for the last few years. Enough already.

Then the comment is made " the county has no money."

Well, if they would fix a problem right the first time instead of putting an band-aid on it -- a band-aid that may cost $500 and do it three or four times trying to fix it and if it was done right would cost $1,000 or a few hours of extra labor -- who is the fool here?

The taxpayer.