Letter to the Editor

Parents reminded: 'Drinks destroy teeth'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To the Editor:

February was Children's Dental Health month. Something every parent should know is that healthy teeth require healthy choices.

Drinks Destroy Teeth is not only a warning related to dental erosion among children, but also an educational campaign of the Indiana Dental Association. Our goal is to teach fourth and fifth graders about acid and sugar in sports drinks, soft drinks and juices. With ever increasing serving sizes of soft drinks and declining milk consumption, young Hoosiers are at higher risk of dental decay than ever before.

Acid in sports drinks and soft drinks softens the enamel with every sip. Excessive acid causes dental erosion, the permanent chemical loss of enamel. When sugar is added it is a perfect combination for decay.

To protect Indiana's rising generation of leaders from acid and sugar in popular drinks, the IDA provided science inquiry kits for every public and private elementary school. Educating parents, teachers, coaches and children about healthy choices produces healthy smiles.

Please partner with us to advance oral health for Indiana children by visiting DrinksDestroyTeeth.com, where parents and educators can find practical resources for combating tooth decay.

Diane M. Buyer, DDS

Chair, Drinks Destroy Teeth

Indiana Dental Association