Letter to the Editor

Mill Pond commends employees

Friday, March 4, 2011

To the Editor:

The latest ice storm and inclement weather that recently passed through Greencastle and surrounding communities certainly had a paralyzing affect on local schools and businesses, but not Mill Pond Health Campus.

Our caregivers and other staff really pulled together for the safety of each other and our residents. They truly demonstrated our mission of going above and beyond to meet residents' needs and expectations.

Mill Pond employees packed their bags and stayed overnight at the health campus for several days in a row, even if they weren't scheduled to work in case an employee could not make it in for their shift. Employees also stayed with friends or relatives who lived close to the campus. They were also given the option of staying at the local Walden Inn.

Not only did employees utilize the team approach works best mentality for the better of the campus residents, but they also helped each other too. Co-workers assisted one another with cleaning off vehicles, and also volunteered to run errands, such as picking up coffee and lunch for their fellow team members. The laundry department at the health campus even stepped up to ensure that Mill Pond staff had clean uniforms each day.

As a "thank you" for their hard work, Mill Pond team members will be treated to a Spa Day as well as other means of internal company recognition.

I am truly honored to work with such a fine team.

Jessica Crafton

Mill Pond Executive Director