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Library offers introductory photography class for free

Friday, March 11, 2011

GREENCASTLE -- An upcoming event at the Putnam County Public Library offers an introduction to photography.

Joe and Debbie Ashby will teach an introductory class at the library March 28 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

The free class will lead to a recurring pay class that costs $60 for six meetings.

Joe Ashby said he has had a lifelong enjoyment of photography.

"I started out with a Baby Brownie Special. It cost $1.25. I've been interested in photography all my life and have taken pictures all over a lot of the United States," Joe Ashby said.

Joe Ashby said the permanence of photography is part of what draws him to it.

"It's capturing a moment in time. A place, somewhere you've been, a memory. On cold winter days it's great to look back through old photographs and see places you've been when it's warmer." he said.

Joe Ashby said he isn't drawn to any particular aspect of photography. He does enjoy taking pictures of people in a natural setting.

"I've never been interested in any particular phase or style of photography. Most of my photography is landscape and nature oriented," he said.

"I love to photograph people when they do not know I'm taking the picture," he said. "I enjoy catching people off guard and doing something interesting, catching candid shots like that."

He said to improve his photography skills he has taken a fair amount of classes, a knowledge base he hopes to pass on to people in the class.

"I've studied photography with some of the more prominent photographers who offer classes," Joe Ashby said. "I've also done some studying on my own. I would like to pass on some of the knowledge that I've gained over the years. It's so exciting when someone gets into photography for the first time.

"We teach along the lines of film. What we teach, 90 percent of it is still very appropriate for film," he said

Joe Ashby said that although the class has a fee associated with it, he considers the amount reasonable.

"You don't make much money at this," Joe Ashby said. "Since I'm retired, every little bit helps. $60 for nine hours is pretty small, I think. It makes it affordable for almost anyone who wants to go up a skill level."

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