Letter to the Editor

Be kind to animals, snakes and bees too

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To the Editor:

I was shocked at the article you had in the paper on the Opinion page on Wednesday, May 11. "Don't give me a home where the animals roam."

Why would you ever kill a black snake, who would rather hide from you than confront you. That snake was not going to harm you! He was not poisonous! They are more helpful than harmful. They eat mice and rats.

And that swarm of bees! Why would you harm them?! All you had to do was call a beekeeper. The beekeeper would take the swarm away unharmed! Bees are having a tough time, diseases.

If you knew how to behave around earth's creatures, you, and they, would be much better off.

Lenora Bowlby