Letter to the Editor

Vectren committed to customer service

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To the Editor:

Vectren Energy Delivery and its predecessors have been providing natural gas to the greater Greencastle area for decades. During that time, our commitment to safe, reliable natural gas service has not wavered, and in fact, has improved. Over the years, the method and level of efficiency by which our employees serve our customers has evolved thanks to our investment in technology, including GPS equipment, vehicle computers and mobile data dispatch. This transformation has allowed our employees to be more mobile and better able to respond to emergencies, regardless of the time of day.

A significant number of our field employees in central Indiana now have well-equipped take-home vehicles, which allow them, when needed, to begin their workdays from home. All after-hours emergency first responders take home vehicles so they can respond directly to the site of a gas emergency without first stopping at a reporting location. Using satellite technology, these after-hours emergencies are assigned to the Vectren employee who can most readily respond to the emergency. History shows that 97.5 percent of our emergency calls are successfully completed by the first employee on the scene. Our employees' commitment to safety and these enhancements have allowed Vectren to continue to be a leader amongst our peers in terms of our emergency dispatch and arrival times.

These collective improvements have modified employee reporting locations and allowed us to convert some operating facilities, such as Greencastle, to staging areas at which materials and equipment are kept. Be assured Vectren remains committed to our customers in Putnam County not only through dependable and safe natural gas service but also charitable efforts through the Vectren Foundation and employee volunteerism.

William S. Doty

Executive Vice President of Utility Operations

Vectren Energy Delivery